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Medicine for bronchitis and cough from melon seeds. | by ali cahangirov | Nov, 2021

ali cahangirov

Inflammation of the airways causes a large amount of mucus to be secreted. Sputum actually has a protective function — it helps to clear the airways of viruses, germs and toxins.

However, sputum should always be expelled from the respiratory tract and should not accumulate here. When accumulated in the respiratory tract, sputum causes stagnation, as a result of which pathogens begin to multiply rapidly, which can lead to severe inflammation and pneumonia. For this reason, during bronchitis and cough, it is necessary to drink expectorants and as much fluid as possible to dilute the sputum and make it easier for it to pass through the respiratory tract.

Various natural expectorants are used in folk medicine. One such remedy is the infusion of edible seeds.

Stop suffering from inflammation of the respiratory tract! If you apply this recipe, you will not have such a problem again.

2 tablespoons dried fruit seeds are well crushed in a mortar, 1 cup of hot water is added, mixed and filtered. The infusion should be taken 3 times a day before meals in 1/3 of a glass. You can add honey according to taste.

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