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Medicine Outpacing Aging?. Has Medicine Outstripped Our Ability to… | by Dr John Frederick Rose | Backwater Publications | Apr, 2024

Has Medicine Outstripped Our Ability to Cope with Age?

The gardener experiences a flower’s rapid aging and understands this as a natural process that applies to all. Picture by John Rose.

Every now and then,
Get sucked into
family discussions
about quality of life.

Being engineer,
Wanted measurable
handle for perceiving
current life’s state,
Something usable to
gauge either
inevitable change or
feasibility of
aspirational plans,
My answer “usefulness”.

Aging and Usefulness.

Back in ‘90’s,
Sorting out diet,
Managing exercise,
Coping with
stress and anxiety,
Found best
way of organising
tasks and thoughts to
reduce anxiety was
do most useful first.

Looking back
seemed obvious to
self contained me,
Senior managers
worked according to
often ill conceived
objectives and priorities…

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