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Meditation at the Pinnacle Overlook | by Gary Dean

After we viewed the overlook we taken the first trail we had seen. Was not far at all from the overlook. It split left and right a high road and a low road. We taken the High road ( very unlike me ). Very scenic, lots of poison ivy and some splashes of color against a rough cut trail. The walk was easy and very level. We kept our eyes open trying to figure things out as we came across them. Off to our right there was what looked like a game trail. To find out later it ran across to the low road and connected there.

The trail was just out of place. Did not seem to have a reason. A short walk in and we were met with a rock wall no more than three feet high and it ran a good long distance. Seemed to me to be a property marker at one point. This was the place that was quiet and had some good energy to it. This was our spot to sit and let our thoughts drift.

Not sure I recall how long we were out but I was well refreshed and energized. After a good long bit of conversation, mostly about the early 2000s and the Goth scene, which we decided to bring back…Oh, just wait because its happening. We continued along the original trail. At the end it met up with the low road. It was there that we were now in line with the Susquehanna river and it was visible through the trees. A quick walk off the path took us to a cliffs edge. The great height as well as the large rocks made this a fantastic place to view the river.

More photos were taken and we decided to keep exploring this area. I feel there is lots to be found here and its close, and at 3 bucks a gallon of gas I want to stay as close as I can. On a side note, I made it clear we were just scoping out the area. Neither of us came prepared. That means no food no water. So on the way back, I experienced a drop in my sugar levels. Good job there I am a diabetic but who cares its all good but was funny because I was getting really bad. Had to apply my logic of life, Sarah Anything happens, Leave me on the side of the trail and let the Buzzards have at me. You have my car so have at it…Thank you for following, who knows when or where the next outing will be but check back soon meantime Keep living and keep your eyes open.

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