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Mental Health and Substance Abuse | by Barsheem Chapman | Oct, 2021

Barsheem Chapman

An experienced professional, Barsheem Chapman is the CEO of Chapmans Management Company, a minority business enterprise based in North Carolina. Barsheem Chapman graduated with a degree in computer science from Fayetteville State University. He has varied interests, from child care centers and transportation services to mental health and substance abuse.

Substance abuse is often used about consuming substances that have adverse health and behavioral outcomes. According to a 2005 National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) research, it was estimated that 22 million Americans struggled with substance abuse. Most notably, 95 percent of those with substance use issues were unaware of their problem.

In many cases, substance abuse and mental illness go hand in hand. If dealing with a mental illness like depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder, seek professional help, preferably from a licensed counselor or therapist. A trained professional can provide coping skills to alleviate your mental health symptoms without turning to harmful substances.

Individuals can also join a professional or local mental health support group. An organized group of peers that meet in a supportive and safe environment can provide the needed mental health support and tips on staying clean.

Often, individuals turn to mind-altering substances such as alcohol and drugs when something in their life is not working or missing. Therapists and counselors recommend practicing and enhancing stress management skills to help overcome these life stressors. These skills can help people live a healthy and balanced life free of drugs and alcohol.

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