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Mesmerizing beauty of Japan during autumn attracts tourists

Nikko, [Japan], November 15 (ANI): The autumn season has arrived in Japan and the colour of trees is changing from green to yellow and red.

This has attracted tourists as the beauty around mountains presents the most beautiful natural scenery in the world.

A large number of tourists in the Nikko area of Tochigi Prefecture gathered at this observatory to get a perfect view.

It offers a beautiful sight of Lake “Chuzenji”. During autumn, Mt. Nantai and the lake view are famous sightseeing spots in Japan.

“Hachodejima” on the lake is called boot because of its shape, and the colourful scenery can be seen from this observatory.

The road leading to Lake “Chuzenji” is named Iroha slope. Many people travel to different spots to get a perfect view of the autumn leaves.

They even enjoy nature’s beauty while travelling in buses and cars.

Nearby the lake, there are several shops and facilities for the visitors.

“When we are at home, my children and I feel stressed. I feel good when I go out and see nature. When I was young, I liked climbing mountains. Across Japan, you will not find any trash and it looks beautiful. There are four seasons and each has its own beauty. The spring season is also good, but I like autumn the most. If we travel to higher points, there will be red, sometimes yellow, and green leaves. It feels nice to see many colours,” a visitor said.

People around the world are praying for an end to the Coronavirus pandemic as the scenic beauty of Japan is waiting for them.

The colourful leaf scenery moves from the north to the south of Japan, where the temperature dips.

After autumn, visitors also can enjoy the beauty of winter.

This emotion is shared not only by the Japanese but also by several foreigners and tourists. (ANI)

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