“Metrics”. Death. We all face it. The great… | by Bryce D. Neier | Sep, 2021

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Death. We all face it. The great equalizer of man.

In April-May 2020 I thought I had a blockage in my intestine.

I went to my gastrologist . No blockage , but they called me back in that day after the X-Ray and blood work.

They spotted something, and paid attention to detail. Liver enzymes and low red blood platelet count . Huh?

The red blood count should be 150 to 400. It was below 100 , got as low as 66. Liver enzymes should be 40 top for normal. I’m at 88. Really low count can mean you cannot clot, and thus well, you get cut, and can’t clot, that’s a big problem.

My iron levels at 800. Whoa. (Eventually it was discovered I did not have hemochromatosis. Well, that’s a relief. Lol.

Got ultra sound . Got a MELD score (which measures elasticity of the liver and other things) of almost 30. Had no idea what that meant. 40 means ummm, big trouble, liver transplant maybe, or possible death.

I was like “what the (fill in the blank)

I was blessed enough to be put in a medical study with one of the leading experts in liver studies.

I got the real experimental meds (not placebo) and liver biopsy, ultra sounds, x-rays, 15 to 20 viles of blood drawn each 30 days. Liver biopsy turned out well.

After a year my MELD score dropped to about 11. (Good news) The lower the better.

It was not due to alcohol. Nope. And not fatty liver tissue which affects about 100 million people . Nope

My blood test results on everything fantastic. Red Blood count for the platelets came up, but not to 150.

My liver enzymes dropped to low 20s (the lower the better)

This first study ended last week. I am to be placed in another study.

But what does this all mean.

Well, see, our lives are all measured by metrics.

What are your metrics. It may be a good idea to find out. Life is measured in years, but it’s also measured in the test results.

The End.

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