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Midcoast Matters Episode 4: Sheepscot Valley

Midcoast Conservancy is pleased to announce the fourth episode of “Midcoast Matters” — a six-part television series focusing on the people, places, and natural wonders of Midcoast Maine. 

The fourth episode will focus on the lands, waters, and communities of the Sheepscot Valley. Join Midcoast Conservancy executive director Pete Nichols and guests Chris Kenoyer, a local resident and Sheepscot River advocate, and Paul Christman, a marine scientist with the Maine Department of Marine Resources for discussions on Atlantic salmon, land conservation, and the importance of the Sheepscot Valley landscape to the local community.

Midcoast Matters Episode 4: Sheepscot Valley will air Saturday, Jan. 29 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 30 at 8:30 a.m. on Spectrum/Tidewater 7 and Lincoln County Television ( After airing, this and previous episodes are available for viewing at

Midcoast Matters is a collaboration between Midcoast Conservancy, LCTV, Charles Stuart of Stuart Television Productions, and LCTV video producer Lang Sheppard, also with Stunt Dog Productions.

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