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MOON CAKE PUDDING. Recipe for 12 pcs By: Cresensia Iyen | by Yens Healthy Pudding | Oct, 2021

Yens Healthy Pudding

Recipe for 12 pcs
By: Cresensia Iyen

Mooncakes, also known as mooncakes, are no stranger to the ethnic thionghoa or people of Chinese descent. This moon cake is a cake that is always present at the moon festival to welcome autumn. At this event, generally large families gather and enjoy this cake. This cake is made from refined wheat flour and contains egg yolks, green beans, and fruit.

Maybe we have often seen or eaten cakes made from flour. In this post, Yens Healthy Pudding will try to present a moon cake made of pudding that is no less delicious than conventional moon cakes. In fact, according to many Yens Healthy Pudding consumers, moon cake pudding is better to eat than conventional moon cakes. Hmmm…. Maybe Yens Mooncake Pudding Healthy Pudding is suitable for children and even the elderly. Because the ingredients are made from pudding, making mooncake pudding is easy to eat and the food is rich in fiber so it is of course a healthy one.

In 12 pcs moon cake pudding, 10 will be made with vanilla liquid milk and 2 with chocolate milk (if referring to the picture above, it is a chocolate moon cake pudding with green filling, namely green tea). The explanation of making moon cake pudding will be divided into 3 parts. These three parts are the process of making egg yolks , making moon cake pudding fillings and making outer puddings . Here are the ingredients and how to make moon cake pudding:

Recipe and step by step how to make this delicious MoonCake Pudding, visit our blog


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