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Moorings Park Communities offers the best retirement value in SWFL

All three Moorings Park communities feature fabulous views, luxury residences and supreme healthcare.

Who says luxury and value don’t go together? Moorings Park Communities prides itself on providing “Simply the Best®” amenities, services and residential choices at the best possible value. With prices ranging from just $410,000 to over $5 million, Moorings Park’s communities were designed for people with refined tastes – for those who desire a lifestyle surrounded by beautiful scenery, delectable meals, life-enriching amenities, and of course, the nation’s premier health and wellness programs.

Internationally Known for the Best in Wellness

For over 41 years, Moorings Park Communities has been driving innovations in retirement living, including the latest in medical advances, wellness trends for Baby Boomers and what retirees could … and should … be doing to live their best life.

“Our goal is to change how the world ages…to create the proverbial Fountain of Youth. Everything we do challenges the status quo on aging,” said Dan Lavender, CEO and President of Moorings Park Communities. “We believe in doing things differently.”

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