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Morning Mayhem. Last night, I was sitting on my couch… | by Natasha Mason | Sep, 2021

Here’s the thing… You can’t go from 0 to 100 in one day.

You can try. And maybe it will work for you. But it sure as hell has not been working for me. So I made a decision on my lunch today: I am going to start by changing small habits while still incorporating exercise and movement into my daily routines.

So, on my lunch, I made my greens drink that I usually have every morning when I wake up. This morning, obviously, was not one of those mornings. Rather than allowing that to deter me, I cut open my packages of collagen and gut health, and poured a scoop of my greens into my glass. I even documented it on Instagram to make it more official (I’m being a little sarcastic here).

Small habit change.

Normally, if I miss something, like my morning greens, I just tell myself “oh well” and move on with my day like I am physically unable to make my greens drink any time after 9:00 AM.

Today, I fought the system (ie- me) and I won. I decided that noon was a perfectly acceptable time for my morning greens. And that one, small decision has completely changed the trajectory of my day.

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