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Move. On.. Your overall wellbeing will improve if… | by Mike Ajala | Oct, 2021

Agreed, this is an old take with a new twist. Relax, I’ll make it worth your while. Okay here’s the deal: you were destined to move. You’ll see why in a bit.

Some background, I lost my job about a month ago, and the job hunt has been fruitless so far. My finances are the lowest they have been in over a year. This is naturally depressing, considering that I moved from the suburbs into a flat in the metro some 2 months before my firing. The place is far from ready, but I’m in it — and alive 😀

Here’s where it gets interesting. I have an unnerving tendency to be antisocial, and that’s precisely the absolute worst move in this situation. Thankfully, I took a one-month subscription in a nearby gym (lapses in 2 days lol), and committed to walking to and from the gym. Fifteen minutes of trek time, double for the return journey, at least once per day, 6 days a week, in addition to a weekly hike with a local tour/adventure group… my mental health has taken the positive turn. What’s more is, my physical health is following along just nicely.

As it turns out, movement is the primordial characteristic of life. Get it? You live to move. Grade school science teaches that much. And if you want harder evidence, look around you for signs of the living. Animals that move less — likely as a result of human intervention — live relatively shorter (I hope you don’t quote me). Plus, inanimate features of nature always benefit when they move. The earth. The moon. The rivers. The ocean tides. You’re catching on!

So, tiny as interruptions go, allow me to ground you back to truth. If you’re busy at a desk, try standing up straight, or maybe even walking. You won’t lose your focus or your job. If you have a bigger conviction — and the time to squeeze it in — get with a local group. Gym, hike, trek, options are open.

Just know your best excuses are what someone else ignored for the sake of a better life.

Catch ya healthy 👍

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