My cancer test, my mom, and my company. | by Kaushal mandal | Nov, 2021

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I don’t know from where to start and what to write and even when I try to speak with my mom everything would be ok and fine but her eyes are filled with emotions for his 24year old young child just going through this.

But I would write no one know what would happen in future but someone would read it and remember about me a little.

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So I was working as a part-timer in Concentrix biggest company in CRM-based customer service. I was in my graduation last year so by the time I get graduate I would earn some money to pay my college fee and support my family.

But after getting graduated in 2018 December I had applied to various companies and Mnc’s for the role of a software developer but no selection only rejection.

My dad was working as a security guard he just told me if you are not getting any job as a developer then work full time with Concentrix by the time I get any job.

So the next I applied for full time but it got rejected from the end of the system and was told once the issue gets fixed would share an update on it.

I was stressed and my dad had never asked me anything but when he asked for just a little help from me I failed.

I went daily for 2 months about my full time but it wasn’t approved and my Team leader got changed and even my process.

So as it was rejected from the system’s end but my full-time update was sent to the financial team and my salary doubled and I was afraid with whom should I speak about it. By the time days passed covid came and we all were stuck at home and my dad became jobless.

Now no one was hiring no one knew when stuff would come back on track. It made me more stressed about how should I speak with my dad about this and if management comes to know about it they will fire me from the job and now one would hire me again. Due to covid as everyone was closed then possibly we would die because of hunger.

This was my biggest mistake hiding it from management.

After a few months, a random Team leader called me and asked about it. I answered what need to be answered and I was assured that recovery would be done and needed to work till then the whole amount get and he arranged for me to speak with HR.

I was ready to speak and be honest. So when the call came I told him about this all and also said make me a full-timer so the amount would get recovered faster so that I can work in my field. But he rejected that It can’t be done amount would be recovered then and then the next process would be and the whole recovery would take around 12 months.

After a few months of meeting with HR, I received a call from my manager saying Kaushal you are been Investigated and need to arrange another meeting with a few Higher managers.

I told the manager what kind of financial fraud?, everything was known by them a few months back I just spoke with HR and even my salary was coming half and even everything was clear.

But during the meeting, I don’t remember any manager’s name but one manager who told me fraud his name was Diwakar pal.

I replied I am not a fraud and everything is known by HR, Manager replied our finance team doesn’t have any update about it.

It was not my mistake I replied and he continuously shouted at me that it’s my fault and I am done some big fraud.

Even I told him I have recorded the meeting with HR what I have been told during the meeting, Manager later replied but the system is not having an update and be ready to face consequences.

I was not eating properly and even not able to sleep all night I was thinking about it and was planning to kill myself but my dad and mom who were with me this long I can’t let them cry by taking this step.

My health started to get serious because I was not eating properly and not able to sleep also at night. I loosed my half weight which was around 71kg came to 48kg. It took around 2 months and later I was diagnosed with Ulcer.

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By the time this happened, I left the job, and later It was found some system error which was showing as a full-timer but salary I was getting for a part-timer.

But leave it I went for my Ulcer treatment which was looking normal and it would 30 days for me to heal and recover from it and my diet was changed and I was given some medicine to follow and gain weight by the period of 30 days and was told to take CT-scan of the stomach and visit again.

After taking a CT scan of my stomach I visited the doctor’s clinic with my mom. Everything was going great by I was not able to gain weight and was told by the doctor will change medicine and show me the reports.

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Soon after seeing the CT scan reports doctor stood from his chair and ran near me and told me to lie down and he checked my stomach and told me to just wait out and he stopped my mom inside.

He told to my mom that the pancreas cancer test need to be done as the mass inside the pancreas had increased due to which had the size of the pancreas had increased.

My mom came out from the clinic she hugged me tight with eyes full of water she ran outside the clinic to some empty place sat over there called my dad and cried.

This is the day I am running for my treatment my dad’s whole salary is going for my test and even my mom sold some valuable stuff from our house for my treatment.

Not able to even pay our house rents on time owner is coming and shouting at us. This is the start of the journey let see I can survive or not.

If you want to help then you can help by donating through the Paypal link mentioned in my bio.

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