My Mom the Healer. Thank you, dear healer, for saving my… | by Hanan Kevich | Dec, 2023

Thank you, dear healer, for saving my life

I talked to my mom today and she casually, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary, told me she had saved someone’s life today.

She’s been a nurse her entire adult life and saved countless of lives. Just another day’s work. I told her “that deserves you place in heaven, but then again, he’s probably the one million saved by now”.

The patient had a heart attack and the medical staff performed whatever medical operations needed, I have no idea what is the procedure in such case, not important. After the patient’s condition had stabilized, he was moved to a different medical ward and his family thanked my mom and others on their way out.

Think about it, just another day in the office for the doctors, nurses, medical technicians, maintenance guys, medical supplies providers, back office workers, managers etc. in so many hospitals and clinics everywhere. But it’s not “just another job”, they are not in it just for the money. They are fighting everyday to save our lives, make us healthier, remove tumors, clean infections, heal broken bones and the list goes on.

They use the latest 21st century technology and modern medicines, along with good old fashioned empathy to the sick and the wounded that the healers used thousands of years ago.

Hippocrates (Source: Wikipedia)

Every day, physician around the globe follow the ancient oath articulated by Hippocrates to heal us, keep our medical secrets ceiled and the famous “do no harm”. For thousands of years. Can you think of another oath that is that powerful and lasting?

Do we thank them enough? Are they well compensated for the sleepless nights by the beds of our loved ones? How many years the world leading expert on liver cancer has to study to become one? Where did he get such dedication and passion to saving life?

Living well into our eighties and some are many years beyond is not trivial and doesn’t happen by itself. There is no magic involved. It’s the hard work and caring of countless medical experts, physicians, nurses, the secretary that scheduled your latest eye exam and many others.

Thank your dentist when you see him.

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