My Tumultuous Journey through the world of Cancer. | by Joseph LeSanche | Jan, 2024

Insights: My relationship with dis-ease.

In a successful attempt to empower my soul and self through my fight with cancer a few years ago–A friend who won his battle with this ghostly spector–unholy master of dis-ease–explained to me the fundamentals of meditation and its relationship to fighting the good fight following a cancer diagnosis.

Death, the ultimate deep, dark fear lurking inside all of us, is the end goal of this dis-ease. It’s the final play of life for every living creature. We dread talking about it, visualizing our own demise and the death of our loved ones. We will go to great lengths to prevent its eventual occurrence; indeed–to live is our greatest instinct next to procreation. Attempts may extend our time on earth, but in the end–death always wins.

Bleakness before strength.

My friend explained to me that his first step in his fight with cancer, as advised to him by a relative suffering the same dis-ease was to accept the fact that you are going to die–one day. Get comfortable with it, and when you’ve accomplished that heady task, get ready to fight like hell.

I did and do.

I began the practice of visualization. I envisioned myself in a coffin, too much powder and lipstick on my cold face. I thought about my family and friends at the memorial: don’t cry–no more pain. My visualization brought me to my greatest source of strength and bedrock of support, I looked into my sister’s teary eyes, don’t cry, Kim, nothing hurts me, anymore.

I meditated on every aspect of dying and death and literally scared myself brave as I empowered myself with acceptance. Yes–It will happen whether I like it or not–Just not today. Empower the moment–live in the now.

Now–I’m ready to fight.

My living meditation viewed Cancer as the enemy and me as the superhero. For me to be a superhero, it became imperative that I transform into a superhero.

I researched physical fitness and its ability to strengthen the mind and body against the devastating effects of cancer and treatment–system poisoning Chemo and skin melting radiation–I renewed my interest in bodybuilding and performance athletics and set a goal of running a…

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