Natural vs. Organic vs. Clean Skincare – SRISHTI GUPTA


It is a general misconception that ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ means the product is clean. Well, that’s not the case. Clean Skincare are created and produced without any toxic and potentially harmful ingredients, keeping in mind the health of our bodies and the environment. On the other hand, Natural and Organic products are not always safe or healthier for the skin. Natural Skincare are produced from plants, mineral, animal byproduct,etc. They do not contain toxins such as sulphate, paraben, phthalates, petroleum by products,etc. It is free from synthetic chemicals but that does not mean it is vegan. Organic Skincare products are grown by organic farming standards. This means pesticides, artificial fertilizer, genetic modification, etc. are not used in its making.

Clean Skincare must be safe to use. However, not all Natural and Organic skincare can be considered clean.

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