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Nature is Cruel. They said that just because their… | by The Universe of Heaven Earth Hell | May, 2024

They said that just because their houses were part of the destruction plan that nature has set, and I am very sorry for those whom lost their lives and houses and anything due to the storm that hit the southern states of the United States of America and those in Brazil as well.

However, to say that nature is cruel is not true. In fact, nature loves us, and I have affirmed this by asking King. Here is his answer.

What do you see from this picture? A snake symbolises Mother Nature and us a stubborn crow stealing an orb of life from Mother Nature. This is a card of lessons learnt. Mother Nature is teaching us to not be a thief. Then, we have 4 of Swords next to the thief card. It depicts a sky full of grey clouds generated by the two factory towers below. Surely, this is a pollution card, to say the least. Lastly, we get 8 of Swords which implies an unwelcome world.

To sum up, King references us as a crow who tried to fly up to the sky, between his pecks was the orb of life. Unfortunately, we never flew up free because we are always under the influence of Mother Nature. Now, she punished us by not allowing us inside our true home which places behind the black fence. So yes, Mother Nature loves us. She is just teaching us a tough lesson of what we have done to her, innocently or intentionally. She purifies us, and until, we are pure, she will never let us back inside.

Do you feel gradual changes around the world? Do you think we humans are responsible for this matter? It comes from greed, and greed grounds in many. So, we may say, this is the era of greed challenged by God of Greed, Mammon.

Satan is the dark force, he has many names and many forms. Greed is one of his most faithful army. It works every time on Ye’children. Greed makes one company grow, greed challenges a priest to accept sins, and Greed turns a poor child into a never-poor-again person. For that, they seek for an eternal source of money, more and more until they implode.

More and more deforestation happens each year just because we value money over the true value of nature. We have forgotten we are just a visitor of the world by adding the deed system. In fact, we own nothing but illusion, ink, paper, til now, the data.

That’s why Mother Nature calls us a dirty child, too greedy, too indifferent, and too tired to care about Mother Nature. We just accept our fate and see homeless animals because we took their home for our own business. More and more projects coming in the real estate industry.

Do you still believe Mother Nature is cruel to us when she just teaches us how to balance out our greed and satisfaction? And what could we do whilst she is teaching us? ACCEPT THE TRUTH. ACCEPT WHAT HAS HAPPENED, WHAT HAS COME AND GONE. This will make your life easier. This will make you understand better why this and that happen to you.

We are all responsible for this, and it doesn’t matter if you figure it out or still insist you don’t deserve all the happenings. There is no court to appeal for your innocence. Mother Nature is balanced and true.

Prayer to mankind, prayer to the U.S.A.


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