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New Isolation Rules in Croatia for Children, Health and Social Care Workers, Asymptomatic Persons

January 25, 2022 – The Croatian Public Health Institute has announced new isolation rules in Croatia for children, health & social care workers, and asymptomatic persons. 

The Croatian Public Health Institute has published new recommendations on the treatment of patients, contacts and isolation, and self-isolation.

News about self-isolation applies to children, health and social workers, asymptomatic persons, and persons with a mild to moderate clinical picture.

Change in self-isolation for children
Children up to the age of 18 who have been primarily vaccinated and have recovered and received one dose of the vaccine are exempt from isolation, regardless of how much time has passed since vaccination.

Children exempted from isolation should, during the ten days of close contact with an infected person, minimize contact with people over 60 and people with severe chronic diseases and wear a mask on all occasions when immediate contact is impossible to avoid.

It is also recommended that they take a home test five to seven days after close contact with an infected person. In case of symptoms, they should be tested by rapid antigen or PCR test.

Changes in health and social care
Healthcare professionals and employees in the social welfare system whose isolation has been shortened to seven days due to a previous illness or vaccination should take a quick antigen test before returning to work (PCR can be performed if testing capacities allow) and return to work only after a negative result.

A rapid antigen test (BAT) should be performed if a person develops symptoms. In the case of a positive BAT finding, the person undergoes isolation for at least seven days, with the day of onset of symptoms being counted as day zero.

In case of negative BAT findings, it is recommended to repeat BAT after 24-48 hours. In case of repeated negative results, quarantine should be terminated after seven days, with strict adherence to epidemiological measures and continuous wearing of the mask for the next seven days.

Shortened isolation for asymptomatic persons
Isolation was shortened for asymptomatic persons and persons with a mild to moderate clinical picture who were not immunocompromised for seven days and more than four months after primary vaccination or recovery. HZJZ explicitly states that in this case, we are talking about adults.

The document below shows in detail in which cases you can be exempted entirely from quarantine, and when it lasts seven days:

Postupanje s oboljelima, ko… by Jutarnjiredakcija

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