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New techniques for the growth and upbringing of children | by narsismahd | Dec, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world where technology plays a big role in our daily lives, we can’t ignore the importance of parents in raising and taking care of children. How parents behave is an important aspect of raising any child because it shapes their personality, values, and overall well-being. Why is parenting important? In this article,narsismahd website we will talk about modern techniques for the growth and upbringing of children.

Firstly, parenting is essential for a child’s emotional and mental growth. Parents need to create an environment that helps children develop a sense of security and self-esteem. When parents show love, care, and support to their children, it helps them feel safe to explore the world around them and build healthy relationships with others. Emotional support from parents also plays a crucial role in helping children manage stress and develop their emotional intelligence.

Secondly, parenting affects a child’s academic success. Parents who actively participate in their child’s education help them develop discipline, motivation, and strong work ethics. By creating a study routine and setting realistic expectations, parents can instill a love for learning in their children. Additionally, consistent parental involvement in school activities and open communication with teachers can significantly contribute to a child’s academic progress.

Furthermore, parents’ behavior shapes a child’s moral values and ethical behavior. Parents are the primary role models for their children, and their values deeply influence a child’s worldview. Through teaching and practicing moral values, parents help children differentiate between right and wrong and create a strong moral compass. Moreover, parents who demonstrate honesty, empathy, and respect towards others pave the way for raising their children to be responsible and caring individuals.

Beyond childhood, parents continue to influence a person’s life choices and future relationships. When parents provide a nurturing and supportive environment during childhood, children develop secure attachments that impact their social and emotional interactions in adulthood. Positive parenting also fosters healthy communication skills, conflict resolution abilities, and the capacity to build meaningful connections with others.

So, as you can see, parenting is not just about taking care of children. It plays a vital role in shaping their emotional well-being, academic success, moral values, and future relationships. Parents have the power to create a positive and nurturing environment that sets their children up for a bright future.

Basic principles of parenting
Parenting is an important responsibility of parents and guardians. This process includes paying attention to various aspects of children’s lives, including upbringing, character development, moral values, social and academic skills. In the following, we introduce the basic principles of parenting that can help the healthy growth and development of children.

The first important principle in parenting is to pay attention to proper healthy nutrition for the child. Healthy and varied foods can help a child’s physical and mental development. Parents should ensure the variety of foods and try to provide their children with a varied and balanced diet.

The second principle in parenting is to provide a safe and supportive environment for children. Parents should manage the home environment in such a way that children live there with a feeling of peace and comfort and have a pleasant space for playing and creative activities at home.

The third important principle in parenting is the relationship between parents and children. Communicating effectively with children and expressing love and respect for them is of great importance. Parents should try to listen to their children at appropriate times and empathize with their feelings, needs and problems.

Effective methods in raising children
Raising children is one of the most important duties of parents and to do it properly, we always need effective methods. The first method in raising children is to create a close and deep relationship with them. A warm and intimate relationship with children creates a feeling of love and hope for a bright future for them. To create a close relationship with your children, you can use joint activities such as playing, traveling, or even reading books or telling stories.

The second method is to learn life skills. Children should be introduced to the basic concepts and values of life from an early age. For example, teaching empathy, justice, and attention to the environment in children encourages them to accompany and help others. In this regard, it is better for parents to show their children the desired values by talking about these issues and showing positive emotions.

The third method is self-confidence and self-knowledge. Parents should encourage their children and show them that they can achieve anything they want with effort and that limitations are not a factor for the child’s progress.

Parenting problems
Parenting is one of the most important and challenging responsibilities for parents. If the parents cannot deal with the common problems in this section properly, they may be the most affected and as a result their children will suffer from psychological and social problems.

One of the common problems in parenting is not paying attention to the psychological and emotional needs of the child. Parents should pay attention to the child’s feelings and needs according to the child’s age and personality and react to them correctly. For example, if a child experiences fear and anxiety, parents should talk to him and calm him down properly so that he can deal with these feelings.

Another problem that may arise in parenting is the lack of clear boundaries between parents and children. Establishing clear and specific boundaries between parents and children helps children face specific and decisive behaviors and in turn find the ability to face their limitations and weaknesses. Therefore, parents should inform children of behavioral boundaries by specifying family rules and use appropriate penalties if they are violated.

Important tips to improve parenting
Parenting is a sensitive and important process in life and its importance cannot be ignored. To improve parenting, there are various tips that can help us in this field. The first important thing is to understand the needs of the child. Every child has unique needs and it is better to recognize these needs so that we can take care of our child properly. For example, some children need a lot of parental love and attention while others need more independence. By understanding our child’s needs, we can find ways to satisfy them.

The second important point is to create a positive educational environment. An atmosphere full of love, support and encouragement can make the child to talk about his thoughts and wishes away from punishment and violence. When children are placed in a positive nurturing environment, self-confidence and self-knowledge prevail in the relationship between parents and children, which can also help improve parenting.

The third point to improve parenting is to communicate correctly with children. A good understanding of children can make the relationship between parents and children more effective. For example, knowing a child’s emotions and feelings can help parents better communicate with their children and help them better respond to their emotional and psychological needs.


Parenting is one of the most important and natural periods of life in which parents try to shape the social personality of their children through upbringing and education. The influence of parenting on children’s personality is very important and significant. Proper upbringing in childhood ensures emotional security in children and gives them strong self-confidence. Considering their relationships with their children, parents provide a basis for the formation of their positive behaviors and performances. In this article, we explained the details and guidance of parenting.

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