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No Gree For Anybody. 2024’s motto | by Black Coffee Musings | Jan, 2024

2024’s motto

I said I was not going to use internet slang anymore 🫣🫣🫣(hides face in shame). But this ‘No gree for anybody’ phrase has morphed into something else.

It transcended being a slang to a motivational phrase for all ages.

Even older people are not left out, not even the military or some places of worship, in the broad use of this wonderful catchphrase.

But what does it really mean?. A lot of things to be honest.

In a series of random posts, we were able to gather what ‘not greeing for anybody’ meant.

For one, it meant not tolerating any disrespect from anyone. Another said, it meant pursuing your ambitions and goals with a cutthroat mindset.

Another said it meant dealing with people in the reciprocal way. Then another said it meant, defying all barriers and odds in every aspect of life. OtHE

All these meanings just serve to further deepen the complex statement that became the motto for 2024.

It seems like as Nigerians we have collectively gotten to a stage where we are no longer satisfied with the way things are, and are all gunning for a change. This country has become so tough that we’ve had to give ourselves motivation in the most comical way possible.

‘No Gree for anybody’ is evident in the actions of the average Nigerian even if he/she does not even know the slang. Although for some it might just be a fun slang or phrase used to caption memes and posts.

Well this year, I’m also not greeing for a lot of things like , laziness, anxiety etc.

So what are you not greeing for this year

Signing out,

A dark cup of espresso.☕️


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