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NO MONEY NO HEALTH Forget whatever you might have heard about been carefree about your health. | by Angela O. Onoja | Jan, 2024

Forget whatever you might have heard about been carefree about your health. Pardon their ignorance.

Everything needed to maintain a perfect health requires money, hence a broke person who understands what healthy living means but is broke will not be able to maintain their health.

Using myself as a case study, sometime last year, I started adding unhealthy weight and needed to do something about it urgently.

I created several plans, strategies, recipes, exercise routines and believed that with that I do shed off all unhealthy weight. Guess what? I was unable to execute any of the plans.

Firstly, my blender got spoilt and I couldn’t make my smoothies and juices. I resulted to eating my fruits like that but that was not the original plan.

Secondly, I couldn’t buy all my fruits for the day because I’m undergoing a course of study that is financially draining. However, I ensure I buy what I can and substitute with other cheaper options like veggies.

Also, I could not buy all my exercise gadgets like kilogram weight lift, stepper… as planned, I was only able to get a skipping rope, imagine that.

Finally, I was unable to buy some herbal teas because there were quite expensive. Hence, I substituted with green teas from my garden and that has been working perfectly.

So you see that maintaining quality health is really expensive.

Most people like me know exactly what they needed to do to keep fit but the financial implication has remained a hindrance.

Never you judge them if being carefree till you know their story.

On this note, I have been able to out together my kitchen tea recipe.

Healthy teas you can produce in your kitchen to boost your health.

Teas are natural alternatives to eating like a glutton. Instead of dishing out a plate of food why not brew a cup of tea?

I have shared this kitchen tea recipes with people and this has worked so perfectly and has helped them save some doe.

I do love to share this kitchen tea recipe with you for just $I.

Click here to order for the PDF.

Fresh Dandelion plant, author screen shot.

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