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Oat meal is great 5 reasons why men should eat more oat… | by nanda kumar | Sep, 2021

Oat meal is great

hey guys do you like eating oatmeal oats?

I’m gonna share with you five important things reasons why men should eat more oats let’s get to it.

Let’s not waste any more time let’s start with the first reason why men should eat a lot more oats.

You will lose fat yes oats will make you feel fuller for much longer that’s all because of the healthy fiber and it’s called beta glucan which regulate your hunger hormones so you’ll eat a lot less. Why because you’ll feel a lot more satisfied after every bowl of oats.

Oatmeal also help us men with our prostate is true because it has an amino acid called l-arginine that relax blood vessels and boost blood flow, a lot of guys who struggle with erectile dysfunction they get treated with this amino acid but now you know that you can just get it for free in oats.

You will live longer look carbs got a very bad rep over the last few years especially because of bread but don’t throw away the good carbs like oatmeal it’s really good because it protects you against things like type 2 diabetes heart attacks and stroke.

Another reason why you should eat oats a lot more is because it fights cholesterol according to the centers for disease control and prevention 31.7 of americans have high cholesterol that’s 73.5 million people now if only they ate more oats because oats is full of fiber full of b vitamins and it lowers cholesterol.

Oatmeal builds muscle so you don’t just need to eat a lot of meat to build muscle but also healthy good carbs to help you with it like oats one cup of oats roughly gives you around 300 calories 5 grams of fat 56 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of protein and apart from this you also get 1 gram of niacin meaning vitamin b3 and 3 grams of iron now if you’re not sure what these things do vitamin b converts carbs into energy and Iron helps to transport oxygen into your bloodstream and into your muscles.

Now just a bonus tip if you don’t like oatmeal then try different ways of preparing it then you’ll find out that you will actually like it.

Try adding generous quantities of black raisins into your preparation which gives you that natural sweetness plus black raisins have those extra nutritional benefits.

I prefer having it medium cooked so I am able to feel the texture while I consume them and not remain sticky overcooked

You could also try it with dates or other fruits or make a shake with your whey proteins.

As always I would love to hear from you

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