Odd random days, battling sickness abroad and friends visiting. | by Hart family travels | Oct, 2021

Odd random days, battling sickness abroad and friends visiting.

Saturday 30th October 2021

My children woke up in a mood. Dd1 has a swollen face and immediately I thought oh boy that looks like mumps. At breakfast I asked staff for a natural doctor and they soon located one in the village that we could go to this afternoon so I decided to take them to Paje to see the beach there, to buy swimwear, to also use the ATM. I soon regretted this decision.

Beautiful Paje beach, it is alot more busy than Jambiani. When we arrived the driver got stuck in the sand. He kept coming to where we were and then he told us that he had been summoned to take a family to the airport.

So he was going to leave us he said for 1.5 hours and be back. I said forget it we are going back to the hotel because I didn’t want to be left in Paje and we had discovered our friends were coming from Dar to visit, also we needed to be back for the natural doctor. Unfortunately again I felt rushed by this driver and a bit stressed. I had wanted to look for swimwear and get some food and stop off and do things but the driver seemed concerned about whether he would be picking up my friend from Stone town. I asked to stop for swimwear which was by the ATM where there was a parking place but for some reason he backed off and hit some boulder. Rafa woke up at this point and was screaming so I changed my mind and decided to abort the swimmers mission, abort lunch and head to get ice-cream at Jambiani instead.

Another aborted decision was lunch. We are lunch at the hotel, spent a small fortune after trying to eat elsewhere and my children tearing up the place. I could feel that we were an annoyance and I really couldn’t be bothered, I couldn’t stop them from touching seashells and bits so we left.

Our best friends arrived which was a lovely surprise. We went to see the doctor, ( who knows his credentials?), he had mixed up some nasty stuff in two former water bottles and took it himself, talking to me in English and then not talking English. We sat for ages on the floor. As my elder I addressed him with respect ‘shikamoo’, ‘I am under your feet’ and he responded ‘marahaba’, ‘I appreciate it’. Once we finished the ordeal of getting dd1 to drink some of the medicine whilst playing some crap on my phone we left and went next door to the seamstress or seammaster to buy dd1 a treat.

Here he is putting a zip in a dress for dd1.

Another angle.

This reminded me of the Rona with it’s spikes. We put in an order for some more items (had to buy dd2 something) and will collect tomorrow.

Trying to find a cheaper place to eat was hard as the sun had set so we ate at the hotel and went to bed. Got woken about midnight by some noisy guests and ds3 a few times. Hoping and praying that dd1 is on the mend tomorrow.

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