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Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? Why? | by Maessy Chan | Dec, 2021

a friend asks…

My mom. If she died, I probably won’t have a place that I could call ‘home’ for me to come back for now.

Like a country needs one wise leader to rule for their people,

A family, need one person who acts as the head of the family and set the rule for everyone who stayed there in order to keep the people living under that one roof lives in harmony and growing better as a person.

In that house where Jean stays with her mom and his brother’s family, it’s not known who’s acts as the head of the family. It’s kind of a complicated situation. The house owner was their mom. But according to society, a man should act as the head of a family and Jean’s brother failed in their opinion. But Jean can see why his brother failed. It’s their mom’s house, Jean’s brother loves and respects their mom so he can’t really decide to himself to be the head of that house. Especially he didn’t make that much money and her mom had to help support his family. His inferior mindset is very clear to Jean. Jean can see her brother has some good friends which can influence him in a better way but instead, he chooses to hang out with those personalities who were worse than him and hardly in touch with those wiser friends.

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