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Dietitians continue to claim that fish dishes are a must-have for any balanced diet. They say it’s essential for our nutrition due to a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids or “good fats.” Still, a recent survey shows that only 3% of people have a sufficient Omega-3 level in their blood. So what can you do to get an adequate amount of this fatty acid without worrying about your diet?

If you have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to spend more time cooking or managing your weekly menu, reach for Omega-3 supplements! They’re a convenient source of this nutrient when you’re always on the go; plus, you can take them with such frequency that suits your needs.

When you visit your local supplement shop or online store, you may find tons of Omega-3 supplements variations available. But to choose your supplements wisely, you should know more about Omega-3 fatty acids types. There are three Omega-3 acids:

  • DHA and EPA (which you can get with seafood and fish)

Still, ALA fatty acids have lower efficiency, and you should take them in massive amounts to get health benefits. They can convert into DHA and EPA but in tiny amounts, insufficient for your normal body functioning.

In turn, taking DHA and EPA fatty acids as a supplement will help you maintain heart health, strong bones, and brain productivity. There are also particular DHA and EPA ratios since they’re most effective when you take them together. So 1:1 and 2:1 ratios will help you reduce cell death and boost nerve growth.

You can get Omega-3 supplements in forms that contain different types of this fatty acid. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Fish, krill, and fish liver oils. These Omega-3 supplements are rich in DHA and EPA, plus they contain such vitamins as D and A to support your bones’ health and good vision.

Now let’s reveal how taking Omega-3 supplements may benefit your health and help you be more productive at work!

So many people don’t get enough Omega-3 in the ration because they simply aren’t aware of its benefits for their bodies. Therefore, we’re going to uncover why this nutrient matters in your nutrition.

Omega-3 maintains your heart health

One of the main reasons you should reach for more Omega-3 is that it helps you maintain a healthy heart. Studies show that taking it as a supplement lowers your risk of getting a heart attack and dying from cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, Omega-3 supplements will help you reduce blood pressure, lower your heart rate, and fight inflammation (that may irritate your blood vessels).

At the same time, consuming Omega-3 supplements can help you increase the amount of “good” cholesterol that removes other types of cholesterol from your blood. In addition, Omega-3 supplements can lower the amount of fat in your blood that causes severe heart diseases if not treated timely.

Harvard School of Public Health research has shown that people with high levels of Omega-3 live for 2,2 years longer than those who don’t have enough of this fatty acid. In addition, it links to an overall healthier heart and blood vessels, so taking an Omega-3 supplement can add a few years to your lifespan.

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