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We have apps to order almost anything we need in our daily lives. With modern technologies entering our lives, apps are evolving making our lives easier than before. Similarly, ordering medicines online through mobile health apps is trending. In this blog, we will talk about online medicine delivery apps, development costs, and their features.

Medicine is among the other essential items we need every day. When 2020 saw the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, online pharmacy delivery servicesgained momentum and met challenges like lockdowns, restrictions to travel, etc.

With On-Demand Medicine Delivery App,contact-less delivery was possible to help people stay indoors and get medicines they need on time. This is the reason the medicine delivery sector saw significant growth this year. This also indicates that is the time when you can think of medical app developmentto set up a profitable business. Before you plan to launch your on-demand medicine delivery app, let us have a look at the growth of medicine apps

You can see the market stats in 2017 wherein the app market revenues show 2.4 Billion USD. According to market experts, this is going to hit 11 Billion USD in 2027. You can see a drastic growth in medicine delivery apps during the COVID-19 pandemic

Increase in count of downloads for medical apps in 2020 during COVID-19 pandemic (Country wise data)

The data shows how downloads for medicine delivery app saw a visible boost in South Korea during the corona pandemic.

So, investing in Online Medicine Ordering App will certainly help you invest in a scalable business

It is the technology that helped us sail through tough times like coronavirus. With mobile health applications, we could fulfill the needs for medications without moving out of the house. Hence, it is the right time to invest in on-demand delivery apps for medicines.

The medical market brings success, but you need to be careful while engaging in medical app developmentfor the medical delivery venture. Let us check out the features to be included in your medicine service app

  • Normally the app needs basic information like email id, phone number, and password to create a new account, but today you can also sign in using your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc
  • Users can upload prescriptions & medical history on these apps. Later, it can be accessed by the doctors during consultation on medical issues through apps.
  • Also, the customers get timely updates on the status of their delivery right from when the delivery boy starts his journey for order delivery.
  • The sales figures can help you change your business model if required to increase sales.
  • The statistics on your revenues and payment can also be accessed easily. It will help you run the business cost-effectively.
  • Platforms- Android, iOS, and Web applications
  • Front-end developers- Java, HTML CSS, React or Swift
  • Cloud environment- AWS
  • Social login- Facebook, Twitter, and Google ID.
  • SMS and in-app messaging and Push notifications- Batch
  • Back-end developers — Python, js, and Laravel
  • Payment processing- API, PayPal, and Brain Tree
  • Location tracking- iOS Mapping Kit or Google Maps
  • Development Timeline
  • Development Platform
  • The Features
  • Development Partner Geo-Location
  • Third-party Integration
  • Cost Estimation

In case you want to have an app like some major players in the market, you need to integrate some custom features during medicine delivery app development. It would add to the cost but will also give you maximum ROI.

All you need to do is hire a reliable mobile app development company to develop, launch and run your medicine delivery app successfully.

If you are looking for an expert App development company, connect with Apps on Demand to share your app idea. We will turn your idea into a scalable medicine delivery app so that you can hit the pharmacy market and earn profits.

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