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Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences Await in Iceland All Year Long

Iceland, a land characterized by its stark extremes, is a favorite destination for adventurous travelers looking to be wowed by mother nature’s majesty. There’s no exaggeration in the apt description of this Nordic island nation as the “Land of Fire and Ice”. The offerings change with the seasons, but all times of the year bring breathtaking sights.

And no matter the season, Iceland’s dramatic landscapes—ranging from fiery volcanoes, lava fields and geothermal hot springs to jaw-dropping waterfalls and majestic glaciers—never disappoint. Still, if you’re keen to visit one of the world’s wildest and most wonderous places, be sure to consider which season will coincide with the sights and activities you’d most like to experience during your trip.


Summer may be the most popular time for tourists to visit Iceland. It’s then that you can experience the “midnight sun”, thanks to the Earth’s axis tilting toward the sun. Since the sun never fully sets over the island between mid-May and mid-August, travelers can take advantage of the extra daylight hours to explore the destination to their hearts’ content. It’s great for photographers who want plenty of time to capture nature’s exquisite beauty in the splendid evening hours.

The winter, however, offers pleasures of its own—sparkling lights around holiday time, and of course, the chance to spot the elusive Northern Lights. It might not even be as cold as you think: average high temperatures hover around 32 degrees in the winter.

When setting off for foreign soil, it’s often best to obtain some expert guidance, and CIE Tours, having helped generations of gratified guests immersively experience the wonders of Europe, is on hand to help you plan your ideal Icelandic journey. One of CIE Tours’ guided vacations available during the summer months is the six-day ‘Taste of Iceland’ tour, which takes guests round-trip from the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, capital of Iceland. (photo courtesy of CIE Tours)

The tour covers southern parts of the island and takes guests from the capital city to experience many of the region’s natural wonders—glaciers, waterfalls, lava fields, black-sand beaches, snow-capped volcanoes, geothermal lagoon spas—as well as museums, where they can discover Iceland’s cultural heritage and more about the land itself.

CIE Tours’ wintertime itinerary, ‘Northern Lights Quest of Iceland’, is also a six-day tour with small group available. It offers all the same attractions as the Taste of Iceland tour, but also, takes guests on a hunt for the famous Northern Lights. Witnessing firsthand the iridescent glow of the aurora borealis is a bucket-list experience for many a traveler, so on one evening guests board a boat and head off toward the horizon in search of the awe-inspiring phenomenon.

Aurora borealis at Mount Kirkjufell Iceland (photo via SuppalakKlabdee / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Aurora borealis at Mount Kirkjufell, Iceland. (Photo via SuppalakKlabdee / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

One of the clear advantages of traveling with CIE Tours is its All-In Inclusive Advantage: all excursions, including transportation and entry fees, and most meals, including full daily breakfasts, are already included in the cost of the booking. With CIE Tours, you won’t have to worry about hidden trip expenses and can focus purely on enjoying the experience. Its itineraries are customizable, and the company also offers custom private driver tours for travelers who prefer to lay their own course. On a private driver tour, groups of up to nine people enjoy the attention their own driver-guide, at the ready with all the local lore and great tips.

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