One Paragraph About Holistic Medicine | by Mystic Flores | Dec, 2023

Hey y’all, I just wanted to drop you a line about holistic medicine and why you shouldn’t brush it off. Even though the practice of holistic medicine is full of hocus-pocus and baseless assumptions, beliefs and theories, it still matters for your health. For starters… Conventional medicine turns a blind eye to any aspect of your emotional, nutritional and habit-related wellbeing. You go to the hospital to get a script or to go under the knife. You don’t wake up in the morning feeling under the weather and think about going to the doctor to get some tips on your emotional wellness, your dietary flaw or your bad habits. You actually aim to see your doctor to get some meds or in more serious cases, to get cut open. I know that some (increasingly most) doctors these days have also started to bring up diet, sports, and mental health, but that was all because of the growing pressure from the holistic health community. Doctors are feeling the need to show that they are not looking at you as just a bunch of cells but as a multifaceted human being. Patients are increasingly trying to check out different aspects of health, healing and therapy that are not looking at just the physical body. That’s the whole idea behind the word holistic. It’s not just a mumbo-jumbo concept, it’s a collective need. It’s very flawed, and needs a lot of improvement, but at least it’s a kick-off of a new chapter in health.

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