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Pandemic Impact On Children. Covid 19 (Corona Virus) is a deadly… | by Mehreen Hasan | Oct, 2021

Pandemic Impact On Children

Covid 19 (Corona Virus) is a deadly virus and causes illness but this pandemic has caused a destructive affect on kid’s mental health.

Children are missing their normal activities and their outgoing routine and they are also worried about their family and loved one’s health. This pandemic has made their life more complicated. In this article, We will discuss how this pandemic impacts on children and how can we support them during this difficult time.

Main Problems Affecting Children’s Mental Health

Online Schools

Children are missing going to schools and they are missing their social and face-to-face support from teachers and friends. Online schooling is very challenging for kids these days as they can get exhausted during online classes and cannot concentrate easily, On the other hand, it is also very challenging for non-well-off kids who don’t have the equipment, internet services, and a quiet space to learn and due to this their mental health is affecting day by day.

Outdoor Restrictions

Children find fun going outdoor and play games and socially interact with their friends but this pandemic has abducted their joy by restricted them from doing outdoor activities and it impacts their mental health wellbeing and also their physical fitness which can later lead to childhood obesity.

Social Media Hazards

Social media has become more popular in kids these days. Due to outdoor limitations, they try to connect with their family and friends through social media but it also encourages them to see explicit content, meshing in cyberbullying and unwholesome comparison along others with themselves.

Financial Conflict

Everyone is facing financial problems during the lockdown period and it’s affecting the mental health of adults as well as children. Parents of two to three kids with low incomes have been worst affected. Obviously, children can pick up on their parents’ torment and anxiety which disturbs their mental health and well-being.

Our Support

How can we support our children during this pandemic?

Here are some ways through which we can help them to overcome the worst phase which the whole world is facing nowadays.

· Ask them to stay active and do some indoor exercises and also join them to entertain.

· Do regular meal-times with them and ask the things getting into their minds nowadays.

· Stimulate them to do some creative activities like art, music, writing, etc.

· Do make time to talk to them regularly or go for a walk with them and discuss their thoughts and reassure them that things will be better soon.

· Keep an eye on all the social/online activities they are doing and keep them away from cyber-bullying.

· Help them in their school homework and learning activities.

· Make sure they will get proper sleep. Make them stop using screens around 1.5 hours before bedtime. Make a proper bedtime routine that involves a warm bath, a glass of milk, and reading a storybook. It will help them to sleep better which is good for their mental health wellbeing.

· Finally, take good care of your mental health to support your children to overcome this pandemic.

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