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Parenting. Daycare has become “Communal enrichment… | by Brian Owens | Jun, 2024

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Daycare has become “Communal enrichment environment.”

Parents run off to work as baby is placed in trust with people they do not know and do not love them. It is a job. Royalty and the wealthy have always done this with their kids with the exception being a permanent nanny. The same face and relationship for decades.

Familiarity and affection included.

I hate statistics in their biased inaccuracies but if this one if true, is terrible.

60% of American children will have at least ten different caregivers in their life… before they start kindergarten.

That statistic is most awful in that babies develop deep seated secure feelings of trust from their parents. What happens if they only see them between 6 and 7 AM and 5 till 8 PM? Statistics say that only 37% of kids are cared for in the home by a parent or guardian. The rest get 4 hours of parent time a day. how much of those 4 hours are focused on the children one must wonder.

If they hardly ever see them, how do they supposed to grow, to be bonded with them?

Values are the issue. New cars, cool phones, eating out, and bigger homes and the rest are valued work above their own children. Most parents today think this is the way things are supposed to be, and receive no formal training prior to making them to learn what those children need as they mature.

Child care is big business too. Everything is business anymore. Prisons are privatized big business for profit with no interest in anything but the bottom line and that means keeping maximum occupancy.

In rural communities the average cost of childcare for those under five is $959 a month. In major cities it can be as much as $2300 per month.

Babies adapt to where they are, but a new daycare situation is a large stimulus to take in at three months. Going from one caregiver to three in one day must be hard on a tiny mind trying desperately to bond.

Change is hard for adults to endure. Imagine how difficult adapting to new sounds faces and smells must be on a developing mind.

Separating baby from the parents and into stranger’s world is very similar to what adoptive children encounter when set up for adoption. Can these measures of stunted development of adopted children be used to measure the level achieved by daycare children?

Assimilating gestures is another thing babies do. Behavior is then developed to receive positive reinforcement for the gestures that baby copies back to the caretaker. Language development is essential in children’s exploration of their world around them.

To access even the simplest basic need of food, babies cry to get a mothers attention. What does the slow reaction of an unloving workers with numerous children to manage to do to their sense of well being? Trust. Faith that all is well and someone will come to make things right.

Success at getting a particular need met is where language is encouraged which leads to gestures and sounds which lead to words and word recognition.

Emotional stability can not be measured by parental economic success. A child psychology quote that stuck but the author does not come to mind went something like ;

“Healthy outcome during infancy does not depend on the amount of food or oral stimulation, but rather the quality of the caregiver’s behavior, from positive environmental experiences.”

The children need their mothers and fathers.

They do not need to be shoved around in a Cybex E-priam $4000 stroller.

They need their mother to hold them and smile and read to them.

A Chevy Impala will propel the family to any destination more reliably than any BMW or Mercedes.

A room shared with a brother or sister is better than 6 different people each day confusing the child and removing its bond from love.

In the words of Mr. Mackie “Daycare is bad!… MMKay?”

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