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“People here get these wild eyes after a while” | by Khalsa Morgan

The Mythical & the Human of a Welsh Intentional Community

Khalsa Morgan

I’ve dreamed of living in a land-based community for many years. I know many people share this dream and also feel challenged by manifesting it in our consumerist, money-driven culture.

On the 30-mile drive to the nearest supermarket after 6 days at Spirit Horse, Volt says to me, “People seem to get these wild eyes after they’ve been here for a while. Like, a little crazy. I’ve seen it in Rebecca and Mark, and now Ben has it too.”

It’s my Emerald Pool Initiation.

Finally, we reach the rich green pool, as ethereal as I imagined it. I face the waterfall in all its raw, unstoppable, primal power. The way that I can’t see how deep it is feels both mysterious and a bit scary.

Still, I feel triumphant; I made it, and there has been a baptism of sorts.

I nod, but I am also aware that I didn’t put my head right under the waterfall, although Volt did, twice. I was scared of not being able to breathe.

A yurt I helped take down after the community camp

“So where to next?” Shiv asks us, as we stand in the drizzle outside the kitchen, sipping from earthenware mugs of tea, on the day we plan to leave the village.

I felt a great longing to be on one piece of land through all the seasons, to see it through all the changes, to love it through all the relentless death and rebirth. Will I ever have such a relationship with a piece of land?

This is a community, and one with values that I deeply align with: nature connection, rewilding, healing, awareness. But it’s a transient, revolving one. People come and go for retreats, courses, camps; no-one stays. Even Shiv and Erica are only here part-time.

The Women’s Lodge

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