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1. Perpetual Products is a company that shall be dealing in the 2 sectors of the market, Health and Wealth.

The idea of the company is to focus mainly on the production of Aloe Vera and honeybee products since these 2 products have the capability to cure most of the acute as well as chronic diseases, it is necessary that a quality product should be delivered to the customer.

2. The focus of company is not only selling out its products but also to help them to bring in this business and make them entrepreneurs.

This idea works in the Network Marketing scheme, where the person when gets connected to the company, he/she shall prospect another person and bring them to this business.

This enables to remove all the 3rd parties between the manufacturer and the consumer as the Business owners shall directly provide the products or business to them and by providing these, they shall receive income as well as incentives.

3. Since this start-up has 2 aspects, one to provide quality products and the second to provide them business, so it shall have 2 targeted people. First of which shall be from age group 4 years and above, as we deal in aloe vera and bee honey products, it is well known that aloe vera juice intoxicates the body and the honey has antioxidants as well as improves heart health which is necessary as well as can be consumed by almost every age group positively.

Second shall be from the age 18 years and above, since these people shall be involved in being the Business Owner of the company, they need to have a legal age to get registered with the government of their respective nations to operate this business in a legal manner.

4. Since it is a time of being online, we shall also be operating completely online. There shall be an operative website and an app that shall help people buy the products and help them to be a part of the business. It means that we can in the beginning host our website and app over a paid server and gradually as we make profit, we shall start having our own server so that we can it could be discrete and restricted to us only.

It also involves manufacturing of products from scratch, so for aloe vera and honey, we shall in the beginning buy those produce and sent to a dealer that help us in the packaging of these products in an organized manner. After manufacturing, these shall be delivered with the help of small-scaled delivering service to the PBO (Perpetual Business Owner), so that they can pass on the products to consumers as well as use for themselves.

Production and Manufacturing

Delivering to PBO

Distributing to Consumers

This was the representation of how products are going to get delivered in the real world.

Next shall be how the people are going to place order for these products and how it shall be received in our end.

People reaching the website or the app to place order on the server.

Adding products to the cart and placing order either by COD or Online payment.

Once the order placed, it is received at our end and forwarded to the PBO of the respective region.

5. The online handling of the servers and correcting minute errors shall require a tech team that shall be involved in correcting those stuff.

Also, there shall also be a managing team to look out for the proper flow of the business from placing order to delivering it to the customer and from people joining the business to making sure that they are involved in the working.

6. The estimated budget required for the idea to get executed is as follows,


1,00,000/- INR


60,000/- INR


40,000/- INR


7. This entire idea of business is based on profit sharing, and it shall be received by the people involved, in the following manner,


33% OF PROFIT — To Producers and Manufacturers

33% OF PROFIT- To Tech and Managing teams for handling stuffs

34% OF PROFIT- To PBOs for expanding business

Since this business is based on profit-sharing, it shall encourage everyone to work more, and that in-return will help to invest in different advancing stuffs like making own servers and operating in different countries on their own.

8. The estimated pricing of the products shall be given as follows,

a. Aloe Vera Products starting from 1500/- INR

b. Bee Honey Products starting from 1700/- INR

9. Those who shall willing to join this business need a buy products summing to a certain amount, for instance, the people interested to join this business needs to make a purchase of 34,000/- INR, now since it is based on profit sharing, a sum of 10,000/- shall be given to the person who brought them into business, the next 10,000/- shall be given to the Tech and Managing team for providing them an interface to place and receive products and the remaining shall be given to the producers so that they can enhance the quality of the products as well as expand the product variety.

10. To sum it up in a simple way, this business shall run in the idea of Network marketing and Technological approach, as it shall involves recommending people to buy products and bring them into business by educating regarding the business model rather than convincing them and by enabling to place order easily from anywhere around the world.

11. Since, it based on the model of network marketing, the network involved shall do the advertising of the product as well as the business. For instance, a PBO who is responsible to reach out to people for products and to expand the business, shall built a network shall do the same thing and because of which, within few days it can cover a large area as it is operated digitally through social media platforms which will make a large network.

Since it has such simple concept, the people further involving in the business shall do the same thing provide various individuals either products or business depending upon the willingness of the person.

12. The major risk involved in this business is not producing a low quality as aloe Vera and honey producers have supreme quality, also it is not related to websites or the application as a tech is there to monitor it, rather it is the pre-matured mindset of people regarding a network marketing business model. Since it works on this model, it shall be of great difficulty to make people trust in this business model which involves profit sharing and a network doing the work. But it is also not impossible to make them understand this as it has a clear idea and a simple concept to expanding by expanding yourself and this shall enable to get more and more people in it because the idea to earn through it and receive quality products at the same time is unparalleled.

13. The estimated timeline required to carry out certain tasks are as follows,



Planning and completing legal formalities – 1–1.5 Month

Reaching to Producers and Manufacturers — 1 Month

Gathering a Tech and Managing Team — 1–1.5 Month

Producing Products — 2 Months

Developing a website and an application — 1 Month

Building Initial Network to start the flow of business — 2 Months


14. Once the flow of business is set and everything comes in order, the company goals are as follows,

a. 1-Year Goal: To form a stable network to expand our reach of products and business.

b. 5-Year Goal: To expand it in entire nation since it works on network it shall easily cover the entire nation and increase the profit to 300% and more.

Due its most basic nature of operating in the network, sharing profit, and expanding this business, it can easily go on and on without being interfered by the changing trend and can easily reach out to the entire globe within 10 years and can prevail even though we might not be there to witness its magnitude.

In this Business you are the boss of your own and any achievement the company make shall be recognized as your own achievement and any progress you make and help others shall impact the entire society.

All I can say about this Idea, it will be the most beautiful Business on Earth.

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