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Photos of Uluru’s stunning rare waterfall revealed

A stunning sight at Uluru has gone viral on social media, after the region received an unexpected downfall of rain this week.

The stunning moment rain fell and created a magnificent waterfall scene in Uluru has instantly created an Australian wonder.

While no one wants rain on a holiday, especially when outdoors visiting one of the country’s natural wonders, the stunning scene created by the downfall might have you praying for rain on your next trip to the Red Centre.

A video shared by Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park on Tuesday shows the spectacular scene, with the rock drenched in 22mm of rare rain earlier this week.

Parks Australia said while the 22mm of rain didn’t sound like much, the annual average rainfall is just under 300mm – so to have that amount in one evening is quite significant.

Parks Australia published the “rare and magical” moment through their Facebook account, but it’s not the first time a similar moment has been caught on camera.

In October last year, tourists who stopped into Uluru were treated to a “magical” sight, when the rain created a rare series of waterfalls cascading down the rock.

With 30mm of rain falling in just 24 hours on October 22, parts of the Top End – including Uluru – experienced pools of water during the biggest downpour the region had seen in three years.

In the Park’s most recent video, a chorus of burrowing frogs can be heard singing along as the rain falls.

The post explained the reptiles would call “profusely” after enough rain fell to encourage them out of their burrows, especially at dawn and dusk.

“They continue to call for the next day or so, especially in the early morning and at dusk. “While the water persists, you can see them in the waterholes during the day, but as soon as it starts to dry out, they disappear underground again, waiting for the next downpour to occur,” the post read.

In 2020, Uluru was named as the one of the top destinations to visit in Lonely Planet’s new “Ultimate Travel List”.

As part of the prestigious list, writers for the globally recognised publication scoured the planet – vicariously – for the destinations they can’t wait to head to the moment international travel resumes.

With writers voting on favourite travel memories, they have whittled down hundreds of votes to 500 experiences and 320 pages of travel.

While hundreds of locations have been listed – Australia did not miss out – with Uluru coming in as the third must visit site in the world.

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