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PINKIE. My love for mute | by Karishma Shrishrimal | Oct, 2021

I met this seven-year-old girl in my hometown, a place I like to visit every once in a while. She accompanied her mother every time she came to my house, her mother is a part time helper who works for daily wages.

In my first conversation I grasped her problem, she is a mute with lower IQ but a higher EQ, less clever but full of emotions, a quiet soul who is struggling with her uniqueness at life, much loved by her family and people around her but aloof at heart of not understanding her condition.

A child wouldn’t know what is going on with her until she sees the difference while comparing herself with other kids, it must be heartbreaking for her every time she wouldn’t match them at every task, discouraging her at every step and her unlatching dilemma could never be snapped is a longing stress for life.

It’s a twisted setback to realise that she isn’t like other kids, that she cannot think and talk like them, that she isn’t much welcomed by the kids in her neighbourhood, she can never play like they played and realising how difficult it can get to convey her emotions, daily chores can be difficult to handle too and the battle doesn’t end because everyday her hope dies right in front of her and she can’t do much about it.

While talking to her sister, I enquired about her detailed condition, along with muteness she’s got a hole in her heart, An atrial septal defect (ASD) is a hole in the wall (septum) between the two upper chambers of heart (atria). The condition is present at birth (congenital). Small defects might be found by chance and never cause a problem. Some small atrial septal defects close during infancy or early childhood, which could be cured with medicines but still a condition which can take her life before it begins to take off, so she’s been brutally punished by her fate, not that it cannot be reversed because there are people who are mightier than almighty to make it right.

Given her condition, she isn’t allowed in a normal school, so she accompanies her mother to the houses her mother works for and that’s how I met her. During my vacay, her mother worked in my house as a part time maid for cooking and cleaning and I got to meet this cute little Angel filled with emotions, she treated me like an equal and I loved it.

Every time she came to my house, I tried talking to her, making odd conversations, making her laugh, offering her chocolates and food and it made me realise how difficult it could be for her to grow up without having to go to school, without making friends, since she is poor, she has lesser means to go to doctors and improve her problem.

Her life can’t be better without a financial aid, given her parents cannot afford any of it, she’d have to live with them until she survives. And the kind of town she is living in, isn’t really apt for kids like her so her future is down in drain, with no money, no education, no support system she is going to feel aloof and stranded real soon.

Her childhood maybe all loved and cared about but her youth could get discomforting and discouraging, a unfathomable struggle to survive a cruel world who’d ferret around for no good. People will never see her the way they see other people, her difference might raise few eyebrows and it will all be worthless if not worked upon.

I don’t want to cast down her condition out of proportion but I’m worried about her, I’m worried about her livelihood, her condition isn’t going to improve since doctoring is expensive for people like her.

Her parents are uneducated, even her siblings wouldn’t pay much attention to her conditions. This year she turned 13, and she is already slaving with her household chores. Her life isn’t much appreciated, and in the moment she doesn’t need sympathy, she requires financial aid, the money which can save her future, and she can live a better life.

Is it only the women who suffers more? There is no contest on sufferings but if there’d be any then women could snatch that trophy audaciously.

I have seen women struggle in country like India, where getting married is like end of all wants. Get married and live happily ever after, as if marriage could be the sole reason of your survival. In her condition, who’d marry her? And what is she going to do with a life like that?

Hence, I have decided to monetarily help her gradually with time since I’m working to be financially independent too and I pray that her life turns better every single darn day.

Nobody’s got time off their busy schedules, but it’d be a lack there off if I’d ignore and walk off and my love wouldn’t be justified if I’d let it pass without an eye to make it right.

There are thousands of kids suffering with similar conditions, but she became special the minute I looked at her. My love for mute is just not sympathetic, it’s more than a mere gesture.

I can cast about more MCQS for some logical reasonings of her survival and still be upset about how am I going to help her and it’s not only her, there are millions of kids who are disabled and suffering beneath these dim lights of no hopes, raising my voice could help a few, waning about for their right might make a difference, chasing justice for their survival and better living might stir few hearts.

My point isn’t of survival,my point is of living a life that’s worth living. My love isn’t just for mutes, it’s for living in the name of humanity, caring must come easy, making room for admiration and affection for all.

It’s also about how we are here to help each other thrive and live a better, reasonable life.

My Love for Mute – October competition

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