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Plantico: Fresh & Healthy food for all | by Abhishek Sharma | Sep, 2021 | Medium

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Fresh & Healthy food for all

Abhishek Sharma

Coming from a farming background we have first-hand knowledge of how the crops are grown and how the farm yield is improved by the use of pesticides and herbicides. Over repeated use, the hazardous elements these chemicals contain eventually find their way into our food chain, resulting in various side effects on human bodies and even more so on children.

People are realising the ultimate cost of consuming pesticides & herbicide-ridden food and switching over to Organic products due to these specific reasons. Organic farming is a practice of agriculture without using any of these chemicals as well as not using any fertilizer. This results in a very low yield as our lands have become less fertile. Above all, there are climatic factors such as uneven rainfalls, prolonged droughts, depleting groundwater, and the increasing TDS of the available groundwater. Adding to all these, there are common factors of transportation and middlemen which are adding to the cost but not providing any value to the goods. All these factors drive the cost of organic produce much higher than fertilized crops.

Gist of Hydroponic System

We at Plantico are working on addressing all these problems by setting up Hydroponic plants across cities. Hydroponics, a technology developed in Israel to mitigate their land and water issue, is a modern-day farming technology in which plants are grown in food-grade plastic channels, where plant roots are directly exposed to nutrient-rich water for their nutrition in closed environments. While this looks like the simplest explanation of Hydroponics, there is a lot more scientific research going on monitoring and controlling every minute aspect of the plants needs such as light frequency for apt photosynthesis and better fragrance.

The lack of soil naturally prevents our crops from unwanted weeds and a controlled environment helps prevent unwanted pets from infection. The food grown this way has a richer texture and deeper flavor than farm-produced food due to the near-perfect environment and nutrition available to plants.

Growing locally also enables us to provide much fresher food directly to the customer while drastically cutting down food miles. We plan to steadily expand our plant varieties so that our shoop beecomees one stop solutionn for all your kitchen needs.

Our first plant is undergoing construction on Ajmer-Jaipur road is reaching completion and our first harvest will be in the first week of November. You can easily subscribe to our weekly harvest box or shop directly as you need. We harvest our crops just before the delivery and deliver orders every morning by 6 AM.

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