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postal codes. poem by Onyeka C. Arah | by [0]nyeka. | Sep, 2021


poem by Onyeka C. Arah

overwhelmed and under-held,

in my bed i hold myself,

tell her what i told My Self

at her age, when i felt

like whisper-tones replaced our yells,

so none could hear said cries for help;

out of sight, back of shelf;

under pressure, nearing knell,

facing cards unfairly dealt:

“mail attention,

with discretion,

sappy returns beget rejection

stamp out stones that stem from home

and stick with children into old

agency should say to me

no need to grasp at strawberries

to slide in slot machinery (variety of heart)

garbage is to greenery what letters are to want.

a place-mark in the graveyard you long to label love.

when ghosts put cards in post, of course,

address there will be none.”

that is to say,

I will be done

unearthing bits and pieces from

an era more controlled (to some) —

patrolling safety; heartbeat racing,

my cautious cares a-scatter.

& windy weather wouldn’t matter,

since doubt cannot compete with laughter.

meantime, heart-shaped key-lime gets to

rising in the oven…

pied piper comes correct

when so-called ‘gentlemen’ get stubborn

neglect to mail the cheque and

You can bet on losing Loved one.

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