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Put children’s health and well-being first during COVID-19 debate

As a former principal who teaches child development at the college level, I agonize for children experiencing school vulnerable to the Delta variant and adults across our country who do not put them first. The mark of advanced civilizations is that above all else, the old protect the young.

We are failing this test.

Kellye Wood

Adults are fighting among themselves — leaving the voiceless, our children, without grown-ups united to shield them. It is time to send politics to a time-out and think first as parents, grandparents or anyone who has ever loved a child.

Preventing even a small number of children’s severe illness or death requires adults to get vaccinated and wear masks. If this seems too much, who is willing for their child to suffer or die? Adults stepping up is the only way children can safely go to school, childcare or most anywhere else. Adults can prioritize minimizing children’s risk, even at some perceived risk or inconvenience to themselves.

The choice is stark: Do we want to kill COVID-19 or kids?

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