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Quick Wisdom — 11 Things You Need to do to Raise Happy Children | by Al Pallino | Nov, 2021

There isn’t one correct way to raise children. Every child is unique and has their own needs. You as a parent have the responsibility to identify those needs and raise them according to those needs. In her book “The Happy Kid Handbook”, Kate Hurley explains some valuable principles that you need to do to help children understand the stress and deal with negative emotions.

So here are the 11 Things you need to do to raise happy children:

You need to respect their needs and wishes

What they need and what they want may not match yours. Your child should be comfortable enough to share this with you.

You need to be ready to listen to them without interruption and judgment

Help your child feel comfortable to share their feelings. If they don’t feel comfortable enough, they will start hiding their emotions and problems. They won’t ask for help when they really need it.

You need to encourage them to keep a feelings journal

In this journal, they can share when they felt love, happiness, anger, and envy. Be ready to discuss these feelings with them.

You need to resolve issues and problems privately

Never criticize them in public or in front of other people. Address any issues privately. When you discuss these issues, make sure your child feels safe and cared for instead of scared and threatened.

You need to encourage them to release their energy

You can incorporate physical activity into their routine. Whether it is playing in the park or engaging with a sport, allow and encourage your child to be active. As well as keeping them fit and healthy, physical activities will help them to release their energy and frustration and they will feel calmer and more focused afterward.

You need to introduce your child to relaxation skills

This will help them to keep calm and focused. It will also help them to deal with stress a lot better. They can do child-friendly yoga or some breathing exercises.

You need to encourage them to have fun and be silly

At the end of the day, a child needs to be a child. It is good to be responsible for school work and other activities, but they should also have time to play and do some silly things. Some children can be too responsible for their homework and they can forget to have fun. So they might need some encouragement and initiation. This is very important for healthy development. Through play, children learn to solve conflicts, and also it is a great way to express their feelings.

You need to remind them that they don’t need to be happy all the time

Children need to know and understand that it is impossible to feel happy all the time. They will need to know that they will go through negative emotions to learn and grow. They need to know that this is part of life.

You need to help them to develop empathy skills

And one of the best ways to do that is to show empathy to them. Respect how they feel and listen without interruption.

You need to help them deal with stress

Although stress can be a very challenging thing for adults as well, we can help our children to learn strategies to deal with stress from an early age. Help them learn relaxation techniques such as mindful breathing (Breath-in 3 seconds, hold 3 seconds, breath out 3 seconds, and repeat for a few minutes). Or visualizing their favorite place to calm them down.

Final Say

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