Quick Workouts That Get Results at Home | by Nuno Santos | Jun, 2024

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No gym? No problem! 10-minute workouts that get results at home.

Face it, life can be hectic — there’s the job, the shopping, the chores, the to-do list. Finding the time for the gym can feel challenging — if not impossible — at times. What if I told you that you could do without the gym (and the commute) and complete your workout in 10 minutes flat?

Curious? You should be; we’ve shown you how to work out in a minimum of time and often with no equipment either. Now, we want to remind you that working out at home can give you not just convenience, but the privacy and the sheer satisfaction that only your own space can provide. Here’s how to turn any part of your home into a fitness haven on a lark (or a whim): no equipment, no time constraints, big reward.

Objection Handling: “But 10 minutes can’t possibly make a difference, right?”

Wrong! Here’s the advantage of HIIT, or high-intensity interval training: The short, intense bursts of activity are often followed by very brief rests while your heart rate slows back down. You can choose to do your fast-paced workout virtually wherever you like — running back and forth in a park, doing sets of squats and lunges, jumping jacks, a complicated combination of steps and lunges — the options are endless. HIIT workouts last only a few minutes, which means they get your heart rate up and burn calories long after you’ve finished. The workouts are also totally adaptable to your own fitness level.

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Open Loop: Alright, finally enough with the excuses — it’s time to get moving! Here are 10 great 10-minute home workouts you can do without going to the gym.

The Bodyweight Blast

Squats 20 reps
Lunges 20 reps
Push-ups (go on your knees if they’re too hard!) 10 reps
Jumping jacks 20 reps
Mountain climbers 20 reps
This oldie-but-goodie moves every part of your body and gets your heart rate up.

Stairway to Fitness

No fancy cardio machine here? No problem. Use those stairs in your home or apartment building — do some quick step-ups, jog in place on each step, or even jump up a step and back down (careful!).

Try the Tabata Test

Choose a move (like squats, burpees, or jumping jacks) and give all you’ve got for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Do this 8 times for 4 minutes. You’ll really feel it!

The Core Cruncher

Hold a plank for 30 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds. Do this 10 times. Want more challenges? Add side planks or leg lifts.

The Dance Bash

Blast your loved songs and dance freely! Move like no one’s looking (even if they are — your pets, that is). This is a great way to boost your heart rate and burn lots of calories.

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More Ideas:
These are just some ways to start. There are endless options for home workouts! You can find plenty of workout videos online, use fitness apps, or use things like water bottles or soup cans as weights.

The Bottom Line:
Remember, doing it regularly is vital. Even a short, good workout is better than none. Put on your shoes (or go barefoot!), play your best tunes, and prepare to sweat! Your body (and your tight schedule) will thank you.

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