Radiating Real #59 —On What I’ve Learned 3 Months After Sharing My Leukemia Story | by Tim Sohn | Sep, 2021

Tim Sohn

Just finished watching the replay of #ConnectedHumanConversations when Nancy Barrows M.S. CCC-SLP graciously had me on as a guest to share my story of living with chronic leukemia. Watch it here ->

A few things I noticed while watching the replay & thinking back 3 months:

💓 Nancy is a freakin’ amazing talented show host

(her show will be starting up again soon — stay tuned) …

AND she has only grown so much since then in terms of her livestreaming talents. #truestory.

This was only the second time I had shared my journey of living with leukemia. It’s not easy to be a host for this kind of show, yet she made it as comfortable as possible for me.

💓 3 months ago, I was extremely uncomfortable being told that I inspired others, that I bettered their lives in some way. I didn’t know how to react.

NOW … when people do that, I thank them & I get on a Zoom or phone call with them to continue the conversation.

💓 It’s really hard for me to be a guest. I want to read the Comments and shift the conversation where I want it to go. Hopefully I’m getting better at that =).

💓 Since this interview from 3 months ago, I have spoken to several leukemia survivors on the phone and have even connected some of them to each other. #gratitude

💓 Nancy, who just launched her business The Chick With The Toolbelt 🛠 , is such an amazing friend & I’m so grateful for her every single day 💓💓💓.

If you need help finding your voice & figuring out how to express it in a way that feels authentic, please contact Nancy.

She works with clients on building their understanding of why personal content is their most powerful tool on social media.

Show mention: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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