Ready, set, go? No thanks! I have my own way of doing mornings | by Tonia Verni | Oct, 2021

Tonia Verni

My feed is constantly flooded with articles touting tips on how to start your day off right or the morning routines of the 7 most successful people in the world; do I read them? Always. Do I follow the tips? Not for long.

So, why don’t I always stick to these so-called steps for an awesome day? It’s not because I don’t want to have an awesome day and it’s certainly not for lack of trying! The truth is it’s because some of these tips just don’t feel right for me — and that right there is something important we should all learn to admit. Sometimes, even the most coveted advice from the most well-known people just isn’t the right fit and that’s ok. But I digress.

Between making sure the much-needed coffee is already brewing, preparing breakfast and lunch boxes, and then getting everyone out the door before the school bell rings, waking up an hour before everyone else would have me feeling exhausted before I even start!

So, I’ve tweaked some of the most popular ideas for a better morning routine that works for me.

– I wake up about 20 minutes before the other members of my family.

– I use this time to sit up in bed, take a few deep breaths while I visualize my goals and intentions for the day. To be clear: this isn’t a full-on meditation session, it’s about 2–3 minutes of just sitting up against my headboard.

– I journal about whatever I want.

At this point, I head downstairs to get my cup of coffee and take a few quiet sips before chaos ensues.

That’s it. It works for me most of the time while other times, the breathing and coffee aren’t enough to handle what’s coming. But hey, I tried.

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