RESEARCH IN HERBAL MEDICINE- | by Morgan Bernick | Nov, 2021

Morgan Bernick

I have always been fascinated with the study of natural and holistic medicine.

The saddest thing is that much of the worlds modern medicine today has changed to petroleum medicine or (synthetic medicine).

In the beginning of the 1900s, natural medicine was in use by doctors in the United States.

Much of these doctors and medical colleges were getting their medicinal knowledge from the Europeans and Native Americans an article stated.

Natural medicine had been around a magnificent amount of time before all this right?

Like hundreds and hundreds of years I can at least assume with my mind.

Why would someone all a sudden want to change all our medicine?

Thanks to the man John D Rockefeller, (sarcastically I say), our medicine was changed to (allopathic) medicine or (petroleum-based). That is a subject I will close there because it makes me frustrated about the sick society we live in. You can research for yourself on the internet for these articles that explain the story.

It’s all there in black and white.

One more thing I will say is that the definition of the word (pharmakeia) in ancient Greek = (drugs, potions, spells, and/or poisoning, witchcraft, and magical potions).

Hence, most of this pharmacy medicine is to be blamed for our different sicknesses.

Something sounds as clear as day now, doesn’t it?

All right I will end there with that. That is a big story that people should know. I personally didn’t know much about it until til not too long ago, even though I grew up with a pretty natural and organic lifestyle.

Herbal medicine can be as simple as lavender flowers for those that want to start getting into the natural remedy world.

Lavender flowers and lavender oil is well-known for its calming properties. You can rub some on your neck, feet, or take a lavender infused bath for example.

(Lavender by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

Another flower that has healthy benefits is the rose.

The rose is well-known to be beautiful and for its lovely aroma.

The rose has vitamins, oils, minerals, and antioxidants which make it great for your skin, hair, and internally.

Rose oil is great for hydrating dry and dull skin.

I take evening primrose oil every day and my skin complexion is radiant and clear.

You can research the benefits of the rose on the internet.

(Roses by Valeria Bold on Unsplash)

These are some examples of natural medicines that you can introduce yourself to.

Here are some key essential oils to have in your home: frankincense, peppermint, lavender, myrrh,

lemongrass, eucalyptus, sage, citrus, etc…

Essential oils can help you in a lot of areas. Some are infused into aroma diffusers, put into oils and baths, or some people take them internally.

Elderberries and Elderflowers are well-known for their anti-viral and immune boosting properties.

Syrup from the elderberries is a great supplement during coughs and viruses.

Tea is also made from both flower and berry. Both are delicious and good respiratory support.

You can research more on elderberry dosages etc…

(Elderberry by Ceit Wonders on Unsplash)

(Elderflower by Toby Shumacher on Unsplash)

Now let’s talk about medicine that cures diseases.

You know how you hear people say in passing,

“Oh I know that the disease/diagnosis I have is not curable. But the doctor gives me prescriptions to help.”

That is the biggest lie I have ever heard and it’s absurd.

People trust the medical establishment these days more than anything.

All people would have to do is some research… and they would find all these herbal and natural remedies that different cultures have been using for hundreds of years.

Sometimes our cure is right in front of us, and we don’t see it at all.

Don’t let anyone tell you that diabetes, cancer, or HIV, is not curable.

Another thing that most people do not do is eat kosher.

It’s commanded in scripture to eat kosher and the laws are clear.

People would feel a lot better if they obeyed Gods law.

The truth is, our food is poisoned with abominations.

The FDA has approved ingredients that can poison and kill us.

Alright alright, moving on….

Let’s look over to the Caribbean islands…

I got to spend years on and off living in the Caribbean with my family.

It’s astounding how they have a lot of medicinal plants I had never heard of.

They have herbs and fruits that some Americans have never seen or known.

1. Moringa

(Moringa by Qurratul Ayin Sadia on Unsplash)

Moringa is good for blood pressure, anemia, cancer, diabetes, asthma, headaches, intestinal ulcers, and the list goes on…

Moringa is high in vitamin B2 and different proteins as well as fiber.

I myself got to try moringa while I was living on a Caribbean island as it grows wild.

Please research these facts on the internet so you can see for yourself.

2. Soursop

(Soursop by Ethan Weil on Unsplash)

The Soursop fruit is by far my favorite fruit I think I have ever had.

It tastes like a tart pineapple mixed with strawberries and kiwi or something.

Soursop grows in the Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as Mexico.

Soursop is high in vitamin C and strengthens your immune system.

Different studies show that it kills cancer cells and that the leaves are wonderful to drink as tea.

It has a lot of vitamins including: vitamin B, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium.

It’s also said that soursop may help with diabetes.

Again, research this fruit whether in books or online and educate yourself for facts.

3. Jack fruit

Jackfruit by Rakeem Burrell on Unsplash

Jack fruit grows in tropical and subtropical parts of the world like Malaysia, Central and Eastern Africa, Brazil, and different Pacific Islands. You will remember the Jack fruit by its spikes and sweet flavor. The yellow pigments of the fruit is full of carotenoids, and is high in vitamin A.

The Jack fruit is anti-bacterial, and anti-viral making it a great support for your immune system.

It has minerals, fiber, protein and vitamin C.

The Jack fruit tree is one of the trees rich in b-complex group vitamins as well as vitamin B6.

It also has phytonutrient properties such as anti-cancer, and ant-inflammatories.

Jack fruit can also help support eyesight as well as preventing problems with vision.

I could go and on and on with the list.

Please research the benefits of Jack fruit.

One more supplement I would like to talk about that has worked wonders for me.

It is called Vitex agnus cactus or (chasteberry), it has a few different names like Abrahams balm, or lilac chastetree.

It is native to the Mediterranean region and Asia.

In the United States Lilacs were my favorite flower, but this different lilac seems like something else.

(Chaste Tree by Griffin Taylor on Unsplash)

Not too long ago I went to a homeopathic doctor and he told me that both my sides were swollen.

I had in fact been experiencing some discomfort on both sides.

It appears it must have been an ovarian cyst or some sort.

A natural health lady told me to try taking the chasteberry, because it was said to help women’s problems like that.

Sure enough, I started taking the capsules nearly everyday and my pain went away.

Chasteberry is said to help with women’s fertility, hormones, and cycles.

I can testify to say that I had an almost painless cycle within my first month, to month and a half of taking it.

I am still taking it to this day in capsule form.

Please do some research on chasteberry and its benefits.

These examples are so important to research for yourself and for your family.

Your child may have a wound or cough etc…

Herbal remedies will always come in handy.

Did anyone know cayenne pepper could save you if you have a heart attack or strokes?

Cayenne pepper also stops bleeding.

Who knew?

There’s plenty of herbalists out there who know these remedies like the back of their hand.

I listed some fruits and flowers today.

That is the beginning of natural medicine.

I did not even break the surface.

Think about all the herbs and produce God designed for us.

He made them for a purpose.

It’s all there right in front of us the whole time.

Never take vaccines.

My parents stopped vaccinating me when I was 2 years old.

People are not told the truth about how bad vaccines are for our health.

Don’t take petroleum medicine.

Stay natural, the way God made it to be…

Written by Morgan A Bernick

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