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REVIVE Hydration Lollies | by OPTMZ | Nov, 2021


Summer is finally here! While it’s hard to beat an ice cold glass of water, we also love thinking outside the box for #OPTIMIZED ways to stay hydrated. During the summer it’s especially important to keep hydrated since it is the season where increased outdoor activity can promote dehydration.

Luckily, staying hydrated can be fun, and dare we even say enjoyable. . . . You know what they say, A REVIVE ice lolly a day keeps the doctor away. Well, not really, but they should.

Revive Recipe-1

REVIVE is the perfect hydration formula for low carb lifestyles, intermittent fasters and athletes. Their formulation contains NO sugar, carbs or nasties! Just electrolytes in effective ratios (sodium 10: potassium 2: 1 magnesium) ensuring your body gets what it needs to replenish and perform at its best. Best of all is REVIVE tastes great!! They balance out the saltiness with high quality, spray-dried flavour, and a dash of stevia for sweetness.

  1. All natural. Most ice lollies that you buy in stores are full of added sugar, artificial food dyes, and other things that are not going to do any good giving your body what it needs!
  2. Super easy to make! Just a few ingredients needed for a delicious summer treat!
  3. They are very refreshing! Perfect for our scorching summer days!
  4. They replenish electrolytes effectively, and the berries add a low-sugar punch of sweetness and flavor to the lollies. Making them a bit more interesting and yummy!
Revive Recipe 2
  1. 450ml — 900ml Soda Water
  2. 1 Revive Salted Raspberry Sachet
  3. 2 Tbsp Lime Juice
  4. 1/4 Cup whole Raspberries
  5. 1 Tbsp chopped Mint

Revive, stir, freeze, pop & Stay #OPTIMIZED

  1. Combine all ingredients together
  2. Pour into molds & freeze until frozen.

*You can make these ice lollies your own by changing up the fruits used and flavor Revive sachet used!

You’ve been warned, these electrolyte keto friendly ice lollies are extremely addictive and will magically disappear from your freezer faster than you’ll realize!

SHOP HERE: REVIVE Electrolytes

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