Romantic SEX. Sex, have you heard of it? I’ve decided… | by Anne Wins | Nov, 2021

Romantic SEX

Sex, have you heard of it? I’ve decided to walk you through the more beautiful parts of my being. Honestly, if you can make me laugh, that is a form of GREAT SEX to me.

I’m a radiant woman who loves to laugh. I think I love to laugh just as much as I love sex.

When I mean ‘laugh’, I mean, laugh up all the oxygen in the room until I’m GRASPING for air — sounds like some BOMB ASS SEX, AM I RIGHT?!

When I mean ‘laugh’, I mean to the point where I’m grabbing my chichos because of all the pressure the laughter is putting on my back!

Side note, does anyone else like to have a genuine moment where you’re sharing your body with someone you trust, someone who won’t leave you, break your heart?

You know when you’re in the ‘HEAT’ 🔥 of the MOMENT?

Your eyes are ‘locked’ into theirs. . .

Your fingers intertwined with theirs . . .

The blood and butterflies rushing through your genitals and you are both breathing in-sync . . .

Then suddenly, someone does something extremely goofy and the other person starts laughing?!

. . . Then ‘both’ of you begin to laugh . . . Only to proceed making love?!!!!!!!!!!

As both of you are creaming and oozing your love juices everywhere, the CLIMAX IS AMAZINGGGGGGGG?!

. . . That’s never happened to me haha, I just read a lot of romantic stuff. I’ve heard it exists, though. I believe it. Tell me, do you know what this feeling is? Have you felt it before?

Please don’t be ashamed! Tell me if you did! Share in detail, let me love vicariously through you!

ANYWAY, laughter is the best form of medicine no matter your financial status, facial features or spiritual path.

Today, I laughed at something so extremely stupid and simple. I’m sure everyone else would think it’s not even THAT funny but it REALLY REALLY is!!


So this dude I follow on Twitter was tweeting about how people are getting these new teeth 🦷 that look like. . . “TIC TACS!”

No, I don’t mean the app where people promote their business/lives, I mean the mints!

I’ve just NEVER heard anyone ever call these new brand of teeth “TIC TACS” and I promise I was giggling ‘ALL DAY!’ That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a really long time.

It’s just funny ‘to me.’

But the point I think, which ties into this anime I just finished watching about a non-popular girl who falls in-love with a boy ghost in the girls bathroom — but she’s ACTUALLY part fish/mermaid… is that. . . it’s okay to be yourself.

The boy who is going to fall in love with you won’t fall in love with you because you’re keeping up with The Jones’ or Beyoncé, he’s going to love you for the boring clothes you like to wear.

He’s going to love you for the way you speak and think. He’s going to love you for the teeth/smile you ‘ALREADY’ have! He’s going to love you for the butt you were born with. He’s going to love you for the titties you were born with. He’s going to love you at the weight you’re at. He’s going to love you for the hair you were born with. He’s going to love you for YOU because he likes how he FEELS when he’s around you.

And if he likes how he feels when he’s ‘around’ you. . . Imagine the ‘QUALITY’ of SEX you both are going to have even he feels himself ‘INSIDE’ of you!!!!




Let your neighbour respond to you.


I pray this for you as the reader and supporter of these articles.

You deserve true love, even if you already got TIK-tok teeth. I think patience is a virtue, I’m learning that.

Even though, no one on earth is attracted to me, I will wait for that special ghost to appear in a random bathroom, hopefully I’m not on my period. I’m a different beast when I’m on my period, especially RIGHT after my period… I wanna love everyone in sight!

Lastly, I’ve decided what I want to do on my birthday. It keeps changing but I figured it out. It’s not sexual, it’s not negative, it’s actually something I miss. Something that makes me EXTREMELY happy.

I’m going to get high from meth.

No, I’m just kidding. I still don’t think I’ll be doing anything on my birthday, and that’s perfectly alright.

I have a great NEW attitude, especially when it comes to failure and disappointment. I’ll be learning about attachment theory and working on things that help me closer to my dreams.

Thank you for reading this.

You don’t know it but I love you, I really do.

I’ve just realized I’m an extremely sensitive person and I never share enough how much I love people.

I want you to know even though we’ll probably never meet, never hold hands, never kiss, I’ll never make you a cake, you’ll never feel how amazing my booty is… I still love you.

I hope you love me back.

And I love you FOR ‘YOU!’

I don’t need to know what your problems are or what you look like, I don’t even need to hear you speak, I don’t care what’s in your bank account HOWEVER YOU ‘MUST’ use toilet tissue on your butt after you poop. I cannot love you if you are THAT disgusting. YUCK.

But when you DO decide to jump into 2021 and not use tissue for just an aesthetic, I will love you without judgement.

Have an amazing night.

I pray you more love in your heart ♥️.

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