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‘Runtime error’ message then programs shut down.

Every now and then, a computer user needs to do a little house cleaning on his or her system.

Q: Lately, a number of my programs are suddenly telling me they have a “runtime error” and then they shut down soon after notifying me of this.

I researched this problem online and several forums recommend I do the following to fix this: Open the CMD prompt, type “bcdedit.exe /set IncreaseUserVA 2800” into it and then press “enter.”

The window always says that the process I entered was successful, but despite this, I am still having the problem. Any ideas on what to do? 

— Jim N., Vero Beach 

A: Runtime errors usually occur when software you’ve installed on your system creates a conflict with one or more elements of Windows. 

Typically, error messages for them appear due to a bug found within a specific software title, a lack of resources at time of command execution or an outdated piece of software that’s involved in a specific process but prohibiting that process from completing its task. 

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