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She Killed Her Father, Hid His Body in the Shed and Threw a House Party | by Fatim Hemraj | Sep, 2021

On February 24, 2014, Michael caught Crystal shoplifting at an Ingles supermarket while he shopped for groceries. To teach her a lesson, he forced her to apologize to the store manager.

When they got home, Michael took a nap on the couch while Crystal took a shower. Afterward, she grabbed her father’s gun and shot him in the head as he slept. She dragged his body to the shed, stuffed him into a plastic container, and sold the shotgun to a friend’s father for $20.

Crystal told her friends her father had committed suicide while on a business trip and invited them to move in. She installed a stripper pole in the kitchen, and threw a never-ending drug-fueled house party for 50 guests.

Crystal plied her friends with food, drugs, and alcohol all on her father’s dime, while his body decomposed in the shed. In total, she spent $12,000.

A few weeks later, Crystal told her friends she was going back to Georgia to live with her mom but that they were free to continue living in her father’s home.

There was only one rule: No one was allowed in the shed.

Crystal claimed that the shed was where she and her father had spent most of their time together. It was special to her, and she didn’t want anyone else inside. She put a lock on the door and took off in her father’s car.

A few days later, Crystal’s friends were looking for a place to store a pinball machine when they decided to pick the lock on the shed.

As soon as the doors opened, a revolting stench came pouring out. They followed the scent trail to a plastic container, pried it open, and found Michael’s body curled up with half of his skull missing.

They ran out of the shed and called the police.

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