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Simple Ways to Cook and Serve Healthy Fried Food | by agung prasetyo | Oct, 2021

agung prasetyo

Are there any of us who don’t know fried food? Or are there any of us who have never eaten fried food? It seems that fried food is one type of food that cannot be separated from the Indonesian food menu.

For our society, it seems that any type of food can be fried. Starting from processed soybeans such as tofu and tempeh, sources of protein from the sea such as fish and shrimp, meats, until tubers, vegetables, and fruits can be fried.

This kind of frying habit may have started since this country was not yet formed. The abundance of coconut trees as a source of oil for frying seems to be an indicator of the creation of all-fried foods.

I remember when I was little my mother used to make her own coconut oil. The coconut is not bought, it comes from his own garden.

Nowadays, you don’t have to bother making your own oil. We just go to the market, shop or minimarket, there are many choices of brands of oil for frying.

Fried foods really spoil the tongue. Fried tofu, fried tempeh, bakwan corn, fried banana, mendoan, and various other fried foods, who doesn’t like it. Crunchy and savory.

However, behind all the pleasures of fried foods, there are health hazards that lurk. This is because fried foods contain high calories and fat.

Consuming fried foods in excess can increase the risk of various chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and can even trigger cancer.

Reporting from Fat Secret via , various fried foods such as tofu, bakwan, risol and others on average have 140 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 4 grams of carbohydrates, and 0.4 grams of protein in them.

Compare this with two slices of whole-wheat bread which has 190 calories, 4 grams of fat, 31 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of protein.

The figures from each of these meals are not too much different, but two slices of whole wheat bread are still better to eat than fried foods.

This means, we still have to be wise in consuming fried foods. It’s okay to like it, but there must be a limit.

In addition to being wise in consuming, we should also be careful in preparing and serving fried foods. Here are some simple ways to serve healthy fried foods:

1. Pay attention to the oil temperature

It is highly recommended to pay attention to the temperature or temperature of the oil when frying. Temperatures that are too high will damage the oil and cause the oil to release free radicals that will adversely affect health in the long run.

But if the temperature is too low, the oil will seep into the food so that the fat content in the food increases.

Health experts recommend frying food at a temperature of 176–190C. There is a special frying thermometer that can be used.

It’s just that in our country, the use of a special thermometer for frying is still rare. However, instead we can estimate the temperature of the heated oil.

Oil temperatures that are too high are characterized by the color of the oil quickly turning dark brown. In addition, smoke comes out of the oil. Oil that has smoked means that the oil has been damaged, oxidized and has lost its vitamin content.

While the oil temperature is too low, it is indicated by the texture of the oil that still feels thick when stirred, there is no “jreng” sound when we add food ingredients to fry, and the heat is not felt when we put our palms close to the oil.

To find out the ideal oil temperature when frying it starts from habit. Housewives who struggle every day in the kitchen are certainly used to this.

2. Drain the fries

After the fries are removed from the frying pan, it is highly recommended to drain the fries on paper towels. It’s better if made in layers.

That is, in a container that has been lined with paper towels, arrange the fries, then cover with paper towels. Then on the paper towel arrange the fried food again, and cover it again with paper tissue. And so on.

In this way, the excess oil in the food can be less absorbed by the paper towels.

3. Use oil for single use

It is highly recommended not to use used cooking oil over and over again. Just use it once and throw it away.

Oil that is heated many times will cause the oil to oxidize and release free radicals. These free radicals will enter the body and trigger various dangerous diseases.

However, there will be many mothers who protest, “it’s so wasteful”. It’s true, it can be wasteful.

For that we can work around it. The trick is to get used to frying with enough oil for one fry. So don’t pour a lot of oil into the frying pan, adjust it for one frying.

I’ve been getting used to this way for a long time. Even though I will fry quite a lot of food ingredients, I still use enough oil.

It’s true that the frying time will be longer because I can’t put food in the fryer at the same time, but I won’t feel bad when I throw away the oil after frying.

To enjoy fried foods with healthy presentation like the three things above, it will certainly be very difficult to find in fried food places. Therefore, if you want to enjoy fried food, it is better to make and serve it yourself.

Eating fried food is delicious, but it will be even more delicious if you eat fried food with a guarantee that the fried food is feasible and healthy to eat.

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