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Skin Cancer: Spiritual-Emotional Causes | by Emily Shulkin | Dec, 2021

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Emily Shulkin

It’s more than meets the eye

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Skin cancer is seen in modern medicine as something that is caused by genetic factors, as well as from staying out in the sun too long without proper protection. While these things are true, on a surface level, the spiritual-emotional causes of skin cancer go far beneath the surface, so to speak.

Lack of proper protection from the sun certainly is linked to skin cancer, but what would cause a person to go in the sun without proper protection?

The answer is more emotional than you might think. If you feel unprotected in other areas of your life, you will be less likely to think it is important to protect yourself from the harmful rays. You might feel anxious or insecure about something else, which would lead you to be more inclined not to worry about your skin. You would therefore spend a lot of time in the sun and value tanning or outdoor activities over your health.

Not many people think in those terms. They go out in the sun, they get a nice tan, and they might feel happy about it in the present moment, but it is a lack of self-confidence and self-worth that puts them in the sun or the tanning beds in the first place. It is an idealization over beauty over safety, which is a form of self-harm.

Some people might have that as a value — beauty or enjoying some sort of outdoor activity for long periods of time without proper protection — and there is nothing inherently wrong with it, but it does show a lack of self-respect. If you respected yourself, rather than what others thought of you, you would not subject yourself to things that might cause you to be harmed. You could find beauty in other ways.

Many people who do not respect their skin, which is the protective covering of the body (the purpose of skin at a very basic level is protection), come from families where they were not protected or respected, so they might go to tanning beds or stay out in the sun as a way to get attention they may have lacked as a child. It is very subconscious, even though the behavior is normalized in our society.

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