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Skin rashes, Loss of appetite, and other symptoms

The coronavirus pandemic has resurged globally and newer variants have been detected. People have been thrown back to lockdown like situations and curfew in order to combat the rapid spread of Covid-19 cases.

With newer variants there have been variable in symptoms patients are going through. The new coronavirus variant Omicron have not reportedly reduced the oxygen saturation in patients, unlike the Delta variant that swept the world and several people died during the second wave. 

The three major symptoms that patients who were infected with coronavirus exhibited in the past two years were – a high temperature, continuous cough, and loss or change of sense of smell or taste.

However, the mutant variant Omicron has had other kinds of symptoms. This new variant is reported to have thirty seven kind of mutations and is highly transmissible. 

The symptoms of this variant were more like flu and therefore made it complex to be detected in the earlier stages.  The Omicron variant that is driving the third wave of coronavirus was first detected in South Africa.

India added 2,58,089 new coronavirus infections, taking the total tally of Covid-19 cases to 37,380,243, including 8,209 cases of the Omicron variant, according to the Union Health Ministry data updated on Monday. The country saw 466 new cases of Omicron variant today –an increase of 6.02% since Sunday.

As per UK researchers, only 50% of all tested positive of Covid-19 develop the classic three symptoms. Only a fifth of people with Covid experience problems with smell and taste now.

In case of Omicron, people have reported to feeling cold. 

Apart from that, the patients may witness other symptoms like- Runny nose, headache, sneezing, sore throat, persistent cough, fever.

Patients infected with Covid-19 during the third wave have also reported other symptoms not related to the respiratory system. 

These include:-

– Skin rashes
Covid-19 infection may lead to rashes on the skin, fingers, toes, mouth and tongue. It is one of the symptoms of Omicron witnessed in several people who tested positive for the viral infection. These rashes are usually itchy, which may increase at night and may lead to poor sleep. Some people may even experience sensitivity to ultraviolet (UV) light along with rashes.

This is a disturbance in mental abilities that may lead to confusion in thinking and reduce awareness of the environment. This condition was primarily witnessed in older adults who got infected with Covid-19. The signs of delirium appear suddenly and within days after being infected with the virus. Older people get easily confused and start acting weird after being diagnosed with Covid. The symptoms disappear on their own after recovery from the infection.

-Loss of appetite 
One in three Covid infected patients experience loss of appetite. They may not like the food for over a week after being diagnosed with Covid-19. It eventually leads to weight loss and weakness. This symptom has also lead to delayed recovery process because the patient has often skipped meals. 


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