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Smoked Tuna. Tuna is rich in magnesium, zinc… | by Mitesh Patel | Sep, 2021

Mitesh Patel
Smoked tuna

Tuna is rich in magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and selenium, Omega-3, and potassium. They contain more omega-3 than any other type of fish, along with a good balance of omega-6 and omega-9 which is important to optimal nutrition. Magnesium in tuna can help with lowering blood pressure, zinc in tuna may aid with a stronger immune system, and vitamin C in tuna can help contribute to healthy skin and a healthy heart.

This is Fresh Yellowfin Tuna, sourced from sustainable sources, by MSC approved fisheries in the Indian Ocean. The highest-quality Tuna is chosen to be cured and seasoned with fresh lime and chilli then smoked using a perfect blend of Oak & Beech, before being thinly sliced into delicately delicious pieces. Our Smoked Tuna comes ready to eat, in a 100g pack. Simply add it to your salad or Seafood platter.

This Award-winning Smoked Tuna needs no additional cooking and it can be added to any of your favourite seafood dishes to bring that intricate smoky ocean flavour. It can also be served as a starter or combined with Smoked Salmon, Smoked Halibut & Gravadlax for an eye-catching delicious fish platter. Serve with Chablis, Muscadet-sur-lie.

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