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So one of my recent hobby developments has been taking care of house plants. | by T. Shantelle | Apr, 2024

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So one of my recent hobby developments has been taking care of house plants. I recall my mother having her own “jungle” back in the day. I used to dread helping her water and take care of her plants. Some of these plants were taller than I was. She certainly had one of the greenest of thumbs I had ever encountered. Transplanting plants were the worst for me. She had remedies and all sorts of weird green things going on. People would always make comments about how many and how big her plants were. I hated it… until now.

But you know what they say — times change, and so do our interests. Now I find myself being engrossed in my own houseplants and basically any plant growing. Plant collecting is interesting. They are wonderful green life that is an earthly miracle growing right in my house. I find it to be fascinating to see so many various versions of green that is life supporting. We give them carbon dioxide and they give us oxygen. Sounds pretty wooo wooo huh? Yet, there’s a deeper connection that we can easily overlook in the hustle and bustle of daily life. These plants, with their vibrant hues and diverse leaves, remind us of the wonders of nature. They teach us patience as we wait for new growth, they give us surprises when we see new leaves sprout about, and they remind us of the importance of nurturing and care with a wilting leaf and growth of others. In a world filled with screens and concrete, having a touch of greenery in our homes brings us closer to the natural world, grounding us in the beauty of life itself.

So, while it may seem whimsical to some, to me, tending to my houseplants is a beautiful daily reminder of the intricate connection between humans and nature, and the beauty that emerges when we take the time to nurture life in all its forms.

Eye-catching plants immediately catch my attention when I go to the grocery store. I have to browse the plant section hoping to find a good sale or a beautiful new plant that I just need to get. The 99 Cents Only store had plants I would look at every time I would go. Well, they are closing now so whomp whomp no more plant deals there. I can’t go into Lowes or any other place that has plants just for the items I have in mind, I have to look at the plant section. Of course that’s part of home improvement too. I just have to browse the plant sections Lowes or I feel like I’ve missed out on something.

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